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The Wooden Horse/Pony

[Illustration]Really gets to the point of the matter? Riding the wooden horse or wooden mare was a common punishment for soldiers (usually for rioting or drinking). One example was a straight, narrow, horizontal pole, standing twelve feet long. Sometimes the upper edge of the board or pole was acutely sharpened to intensify the cruelty. The soldier was set astride this board, with his hands tied behind his back. Often a heavy weight was tied to each foot, as was jocularly said, "to stop his horse from throwing him." There are reports of punishments lasting three days for stealing chickens, 'rode the wooden horse for three days, from two o'clock to close of parade, with a fifty-pound weight tied to each foot'. A severe punishment?  We think so.

The other people think that "Riding the wooden pony" was a torture originally designed for the punishment of women by the ancient Japanese.

Initially the subject would hold her self above the board by standing on their tiptoes. As her legs tired and weakened she would come down, allowing the board to dig into her tender genitals. After a brief and painful rest the unfortunate woman would stretch frantically upward again, repeating the
excruciating cycle of pain, fatigue and more pain.

It was always a futile effort, with the exhausted woman finally having to resort to sitting on the sharp edge of the board. There she would squirm and adjust herself, attempting to avoid those tender areas already bruised by the wood. Eventually there were no such areas left and subject had to rest her weight painfully wherever she could.

In BDSM the same device has proven very popular and many examples can be found......

Some Mistresses now administering their own version of this brutal torture to the male who had fallen into there trap. A  "pony" constructed is especially with a male subject in mind. The cleaving action of the board would not be as effective as it was on a woman since a man had no "cleft." Instead there is fastened a "butt-plug" into the crotch of the saddle. The subject, constrained by the saddle and   belt-post, held in position directly over plug so that the only way down was for him to impale himself. The subject's eventual fatigue and his willingness to trade pain for rest assures penetration will ultimately occur.

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electric_pony.jpg (7466 bytes)Variation? An electric Pony that really keeps you on your toes!

Why do we see so many pictures of women undergoing this punishment? In real life it was used almost exclusively and quite rightly on men. Do you have any male pictures? If so please send them in.

For a set of plans for a DIY wooden bondage pony click here


The Written Word

By Peter F. Stevens Brassey’s

As Irish youths poured off the coffin ships into Boston and New York, Army recruiters met them with promises of a chance for a new blow at England along the Canadian border. Instead they were sent south. As Stevens demonstrates conclusively from eyewitness accounts and contemporary writings, the officers singled out the Catholics for cruel and unusual punishment. Petty infractions that for others brought a mild correction resulted in lashes until the victim collapsed, being secured by the thumbs to a tree branch, tied astride a wooden horse in blazing heat all day long, or tossed bound into a pond. Add to this being forced to attend Protestant services

Definitions of horse in a Scrabble dictionary? All the normal ones plus

v. t. - To place on the back of another, or on a wooden horse, etc., to be flogged; to subject to such punishment.
n. - A frame of timber, shaped like a horse, on which soldiers were made to ride for punishment.

Herisson )Hedgedog in french?)
n. - pivoted beam with iron spikes, protecting wall, passage, etc.; soldier's punishment of being made to sit astride a herisson

Thesaurus [Instrument of punishment.] Scourge.

Noun: scourge, rod, cane, stick; ratan, rattan; birch, birch rod; azote, blacksnake, bullwhack [U.S.], chicote, kurbash, quirt, rawhide, sjambok; rod in pickle; switch, ferule, cudgel, truncheon. whip, lash, strap, thong, cowhide, knout; cat, cat o'nine tails; rope's end. pillory, stocks, whipping post; cucking stool, ducking stool; brank; trebuchet, trebuket. triangle, wooden horse, iron maiden, thumbscrew, boot, rack, wheel, iron heel. treadmill, crank, galleys. scaffold; block, ax, guillotine; stake; cross; gallows, gibbet, tree, drop, noose, rope, halter, bowstring; death chair, electric chair; mecate. house of correction &c. (prison) 752. goaler, jailer; executioner; electrocutioner; lyncher; hangman; headsman; Jack Ketch

Prison Experience of John L. Richard in the Civil War

While here the Commander's dog Fido came in the prison with his master, and some hungry Yank captured and killed Fido, and cooked and ate him. When the commander found out his little dog was killed, he sworn he would starve every Yankee Son of a B--- to death if the man who killed him was not brought forth. Two days we got nothing to eat, and the man who killed the dog, rather than punish the rest, gave himself up to the commander. The commander had a wooden horse built by putting two boards together and then putting long legs to these boards. The boards were sharpened to a thin edge. H then placed the man astride the wooden horse and staked his feet to posts but as far as his legs would reach, and left him to suffer unbearable punishment for one half a day, the man pleading for mercy all the time. But the heartless wretch only made light of his begging for mercy, saying, "D--n you, you'll not eat another dog". Finally he released him, and let about a dozen small boys whip him on his bare back with switches until they were tired. This commander's name was Lt. Basson, a drunken wretch who came to an ignominious death by falling off the bridge that led to the island. Oh, dear! I can't tell the half that happened on the island.

Rothenburg, Tauber River valley, Kriminalmuseum visit

'A new (to me) punishment instrument was the "sitting horse."  This is a rather simple device, consisting of a sawhorse or other supported plank, with a wedge shape at the top.  The miscreant sits astride this puppy (presumably sans cup), and if that's not enough, his legs are weighted down.'

God's Treasure-House in Scotland by The Rev. J. Moir Porteous. Minister at Wanlockhead 1876

The ancient practice of riding the stang was sometimes employed when a husband was known to beat his wife whose character was good. The women, uniting in conspiracy, seized the offender, and having placed him astride a strong beam of wood, tied his legs beneath; then raising him aloft, he was carried in derision round the village, exposed to the jeers and hisses, and having his legs pulled by the indignant community. In extreme cases a ducking brought the punishment to a termination, the grown-up men remaining all the while at a respectful distance from the scene.

Curious Punishments of Bygone Days - End of Chapters VI-XI

Another common punishment for soldiers (usually for rioting or drinking) was the riding the wooden horse. In New Amsterdam the wooden horse stood between Paerel street and the Fort, and was a straight, narrow, horizontal pole, standing twelve feet high. Sometimes the upper edge of the board or pole was acutely sharpened to intensify the cruelty. The soldier was set astride this board, with his hands tied behind his back. Often a heavy weight was tied to each foot, as was jocularly said, "to keep his horse from throwing him." Garret Segersen, a Dutch soldier, for stealing chickens, rode the wooden horse for three days, from two o'cjock to close of parade, with a fifty-pound weight tied to each foot, which was a severe punishment. In other cases in New Amsterdam a musket was tied to each foot of the disgraced man. One culprit rode with an empty scabbard in one hand and a pitcher in the other to show his inordinate love for John Barleycorn. Jan Alleman, a Dutch officer, valorously challenged Jan de Fries, who was bedridden; for this cruel and meaningless insult he, too, was sentenced to ride the wooden horse, and was cashiered. Dutch regiments in New Netherland were frequently drilled and commanded by English officers, and riding the wooden horse was a favorite punishment in the English army; hence perhaps its prevalence in the Dutch regiments. Grose, in his Military History of England, gives a picture of the wooden horse. It shows a narrow-edged board mounted on four legs on rollers and bearing a rudely-shaped head and tail. The ruins of one was still standing in Portsmouth, England, in 1765. He says that its use was abandoned in the English army on account of the permanent injury to the health of the culprit who endured it. At least one death is known in America, in colonial times, on Long Island, from riding the wooden horse. It was, of course, meted out as a punishment in the American provinces both in the royal troops and in the local train bands. A Maine soldier, one Richard Gibson, in 1670, was "complayned of for his dangerous and churtonous caridge to his commander and mallplying of oaths." He was sentenced to be laid neck and heels together at the head of his company for two hours, or to ride the "Wooden-Hourse" at the head of the company the next training-day at Kittery. In 1661, a Salem soldier, for some military misdemeanor, was sentenced to "ride the wooden horse," and in Revolutionary days it was a favorite punishment in the Continental army. In the order-book kept by Rev. John Pitman during his military service on the Hudson, are frequent entries of sentences both for soldiers and suspected spies, to "ride the woodin horse," or, as it was sometimes called, "the timber mare." It was probably from the many hours of each sentence a modification of the cruel punishment of the seventeenth century.

Captain Dampier St. Helena 1691 http://www.bweaver.nom.sh/

Another attempt at insurrection by the blacks was punished by the execution of the principal ringleaders. The disorder of the times is further evinced by the numerous civil and criminal prosecutions, actions of assault and defamation, that encumber the records. The punishment usually inflicted was termed "riding the wooden horse," because the delinquents were placed astride upon a horizontal beam, and remained in this situation a certain time, with one or more muskets tied to each leg.

Fantasy Holiday by Rob Willson http://www2.storysite.org/story/fantasyholiday~10.html

They now had the wooden pony, which Helen had first mentioned to Peter as being lacking and she had asked for an extra variation of her own invention.

It operated in the normal way, by forcing the victim to stand on tiptoe until they had to sit down on the rough edge of the plank. But its alternative use had the plank set quite low down so that the victim had to squat on it and then a chain went underneath it and came up to fasten on each nipple by a clover-design clamp, the one that gets tighter when the chain is pulled.

The person then wore a collar attached to the wall behind in such a way that they could not bend forward to relieve the strain on their nipples but they could lift themselves up off the plank edge, which pulled and tightened the nipple clamps.

Date: Sun, 27 Nov 2005 20:59:46 -0000
From: "Master Rick" <mstr88362@yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: Punishments- Wooden Horse

In the matter of making of making a short while on a wooden pony very effective, here are a few suggestions.

First, bend the victim over, spread their bottom and put a couple of suppositories deep in their bottom. Secondly, make the victim drink many glasses of water. Also, run 3 strands of very small wire down the length of the horse. Make sure where the victim's bottom is, that the wires are bare. Tape them down well except where the victim will sit. Tape the wires together and connect them to a rheostat and then to an energy supply. Make sure the rheostat will reduce the voltage and amperage way down. Secure the person, after the suppository and water, on the horse. Use very small amounts of electricity. For males, make sure their balls are touching the wire, for females, spread their pussies open. With either make sure to spread their bottoms very wide. I am sure that after 20-30 minutes of being on the horse, and being observed as their bladders and bowels release, they will be more than obedient.

Master Rick