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OK so you are feeling happy in yourself and you want to go further but have got to the, now what do I do next stage. As I have tried to say this is not an instruction book but I will try to give a flavour of what works for me and my male. By now, your male might be a little worried about what he is getting himself into and you may want to try and push a few buttons but please remember this is not a to do list and it is based on my own experience. What works for me may not work for you but I am sure the words will help you develop your own ideas and passion.

Millennia of research and development have been expended in devising ever more cruel and inhumane means of extracting obedience and information from those who would question or challenge the prevalent status quo. What has changed in more recent times is the requirement for speed in breaking down prisoners' resistance. I recently read a CIA interrogation manual which described using intense fear, deep exhaustion, solitary confinement, unbearable anxiety, shackled hand and foot, standing to attention for long periods of time, sleep and food deprivation, stripping suspects naked and keeping them blindfolded and hooded in windowless, dark interrogation rooms with no toilet all of which really sounded a lot of fun. I do however take issue with one element when used in a relationship BDSM situation. Stripping suspects naked? I’ll agree that this is fun at times but to exert true pressure you need to get into the mind of your male and adding clothing into the mixing pot can be effective here.

There is a magic in apparel that transcends any practical value it might be supposed to possess, yours and especially his. Actors put on the skin of the character they play and find that its effect is in two directions-outwards, and inwards. An actor robed like a king has already gone some way towards persuading himself-and the audience that such is what he is. In small ways, they react to him as if he were genuinely of royal blood. He in his turn feels it, and it increases his own growing belief that he really is the person whose clothes he wears; and his increased confidence in the role in turn acts further upon the audience-and so the cycle continues.

The necessity of appropriate clothing is never more keenly felt than in a domination environment, where it is one of the most vital and sensitive aids to inculcating the necessary atmosphere. Consider the ways in which even a small amendment of apparel can effect the profoundest of humiliations. A male standing in the corner is in mild disgrace. The same male, in the same posture, but with his trousers lowered to his ankles, displaying a pair of plastic knickers is in a far worse predicament, even if no physical correction has been, or is due to be, administered. The enforced unfastening of a few buttons and the adjustment of a single garment has made all the difference between a tedious, embarrassing situation, and a degrading one.sguf4k21.jpg (21638 bytes)

Extending the principle, a male who has been wearing long pants for several years will be especially mortified to learn that he is to revert to short ones. But even the shortest pants seem like a mature garment compared to some of the refinements I often impose. The pants can be taken away entirely, and the male can be put into the garments of an as yet unbreeched little male-which are of course virtually the same clothes as those of a little girl. Or he can be made to wear a schoolgirl's gym-slip or a dress in place of his own (by now intensely valued) trousers-importantly not to feminise him, but to shame and humiliate him. Or he can be kept in nothing but his underwear and a short tee-shirt. Conversely, as he attains learns his lessons to the best of his ability, he may be rewarded by the gradual re-instatement of his proper clothing-by which I mean normal outer or top clothes only which are the most "normal" I ever allow. But after a period in a girl's dress, or baby clothes, he will accept this bounty with heartfelt gratitude; the hitherto hated short pants will seem to him like the garments of a prince. He will accept them, and his own submissive status, without further trouble.

chloe.66.jpg (28411 bytes)The true origins of Petticoat Discipline for males are rather uncertain. In Victorian times in England it was certainly a method of Discipline frequently employed by stern mothers and Governesses involving offending males wearing ‘shame garb’. It was a form of deterrent used by mothers in the Southern States and there are many reports from England and Scotland, around the nineteenth century.

Most commonly this involved dressing an unruly male in attire more fitting of a young girl. For a male to be so attired was of course most humiliating. To be seen by relatives, including sisters and nieces, would serve to further bring home his sense of shame, prior to the inevitable thrashing he would receive for his misdemeanours.

Blue velvet shorts, a white shirt with ruffles adorning the front and sleeves, a big bow tied at the front, white stockings, black patent Mary Jane leather shoes and a blue velvet cap would make any self respecting male squirm with embarrassment. If this attire didn't sufficiently humiliate the lad, more lace and ruffles would be added. But his feelings would not be spared. The male would be marched out to the giggles of family and friends. Such attire ensured a more subdued and respectful attitude. Where can you get a pair of Mary Jane's? Write for a price from this trusted UK SUPPLIER or visit this  US SUPPLIER site.

In Scotland in particular this form of Discipline took a real hold and was commonly employed throughout the 1930’s, 1940’s and even through the 1950’s. Offenders would often be seen out at the shops, wearing a kilt, alongside their unsmiling mothers. What was perhaps not so obvious were the girl's petticoat and drawers that were hidden beneath the kilt of the previously recalcitrant male. Males subjected to such Discipline would take immense care to ensure their kilt did not flap around to reveal his delicate and feminine frillies! It is perhaps understandable that such apparel would curb the most wilful of behaviour.

At home he might be required to change into something even more mortifying. Slipping off his kilt and shirt he would don one of his sister's party frocks, adorned in lacy frills, puff sleeves and tied up with a great big bow at the back. A pair of lacy ankle socks and slippers would leave him ready for a big pink bow to be tied in his hair! Imagine the ignominy, that would be felt when neighbours or relatives called, and the ridiculing he would be subjected to by sisters and nieces! Many a male completed his domestic chores red-faced and teary eyed. One could always tell if his mates were so punished too. They were the males who didn’t laugh if they saw him dressed so shamefully when they called around.

No wonder males subject to such Discipline tended to be well behaved, especially knowing a thick leather strap was hanging behind the kitchen door too. Such treatment certainly led to their being more demure and placid. After all, who is going to go running around the garden and climbing trees in a prissy frock and risk showing their panties! Sadly such punishments have all but disappeared for troublesome males. Though not in my household or those of some of my friends!

I thoroughly recommend this form of Discipline and my male is subjected to ‘Petticoats’ on a regular basis. I do not wish to feminise him and in fact this treatment will not work on transvestites as they love it but for a normal male it is a splendid way to control and humiliate him and used in conjunction with other disciplinary  methods is very effective. I know that he’ll be home on time, he is well behaved, his chores are always done and there is no way he’ll be out boozing with 'the boys' after work or flirting with the office girls! You can imagine I am sure the steps he has to take to avoid detection?

I developed a variety of fun rules to stop my male 'playing around' early in our relationship with the aim of controlling and bring him into line. I certainly did not intend suffering any embarrassment or emotional pain if he was tempted into wandering ways with other women.

As a consequence he has come to learn of the rigors that females have had to endure in society over the years with corsets, knickers, bloomers etc, with the added humiliation of being a male subjected to intense and ongoing Petticoat Discipline. He quickly learnt to adapt to the basic rules.

As I have previously stated it can be a total blast putting your male in female clothing. For instance, underpants, one of the most important of all garments to the male, for they represent a projection of image and both the last shreds of dignity, and the last veil of protection at certain times.

There are many styles of undergarments available, and being less obvious to the eye, more variety may be employed. For example, beneath a pair of ordinary pants, one might expect to find, in the normal course of events, plain ‘Y’ fronts or boxers. They are functional, and entirely appropriate for many males. However, the sense of personal shame undergone by a male will certainly be increased by the knowledge that, with the lowering of his pants, in itself a humbling event-will come the revelation to public gaze of a style of underwear more absurd, more juvenile or more luxuriously feminine than might otherwise be anticipated.

Bloomers of an overly feminine cut, trim and made from an un-masculine material, satin, for example, trimmed with lace are best and they can be used for humiliation and to turn it on in so many ways. The knowledge that they are worn at all is a source of constant anxiety and shame, while their occasional enforced display is a sharp punishment in its own right. Drying them in the yard on washdays can be immense fun and if you have him sew name tags into each each pair or embroider his name on them ownership is obvious.

Needless to say I included plastic panties, also fun on washdays and diapers in my regime to great effect.

No socks or other male underwear. He wears his bloomers, often with plastic ones underneath and pantyhose - the latter to match the colour of his suit, when he goes to the office, but more particularly, to any function outside the home or office. Dark blue nylons for his navy suit, black for his grey suit and dark tan with a brown suit.

Ladies in years gone by had to put up with avoiding showing their sexy ankles. My male never quite accepted this imposition though and is still acutely embarrassed that someone might notice he is wearing pantyhose beneath his suit pants at the office.

Pantyhose are preferred over stockings as it means he has to pull them down to go to the toilet, so he can’t benefit from the ease of using a urinal like other males. His lingerie is classic coloured, and tough luck if someone sees the waist band of his bloomers sticking out of his pants.


You can supply all clothing worn by your male or order him to obtain and pay for it. Thrift stores are a good source of cheap supplies for you to look around. Use your imagination and it is surprising how many every day clothing items can be used to devastating effect with a little thought and if you are or you know of a good seamstress the possibilities are endless. I must have lost count of how many ‘fancy dress’ and Halloween consumes I have had made for my male and the fittings can be most enjoyable. How about a kilt for New Year?

little23.jpg (45688 bytes)If you do need to buy items I can only advise you not to skimp and generally you really do get what you pay for so check the web search engines for your country using for example, sissy dress and see what you come up with. The web and mail order is a good source for adult diapers and waterproof panties which are doubly useful if he has been fitted with a chastity device.

Liberty bodices? Like the one shown lower and to the left are no longer available we are sorry to say. We will leave the links here just in case HERE or HERE If you know of a supplier of these excellent training garments please, please let us know theinstitute@blueyonder.co.uk

Liberty bodices originals can be seen HERE External link. Buy HERE

Note nappy and plastic panties

Long Length Fleecy Lined Liberty Bodice

Madame Eva & Madame Viola who run Superdresses can supply gorgeous creations made of glossy satin or shiny PVC. For all lovers of satin, be they sissy, maid, submissive, mistress, TV or TS all of their products can be ordered in any size, or colours and they are more than happy to make 'specials'.  Madame Eva & Madame Viola highlight that their dresses can be made lockable to prevent the wearer removing it. LINK PAGE Put your male in one of these and I am sure you will see a complete change in behaviour and I would guess a wish to stay at home?

As I have stated, males should without fail be obliged to wear, as everyday apparel, clothes of your choosing. Chosen correctly this policy promotes a proper sense of inferiority, humility and willingness to obey without hesitation. If you deliberately dresses a large, boisterous male in the garments of a girl, he loses most of not all of his potential for obstreperousness in a remarkable manner and what better way could there be to ensure he stays in should he be left at home unattended?


2 pairs for  £2.99 (Aug-08)


Only a few sizes available (Aug-08) but worth checking.

£17.99 a pair

Naughty boy who tried to take his dress off Available HERE Available HERE ,HERE and HERE



If a dress is not being worn, pants cut above the knee are in my opinion de rigeur clothing for males undergoing a dominated regime. In my house, bare knees in one shape or form are compulsory for my male at all times. A dress is not always appropriate and short pants are a good compromise for general wear. If you size things correctly he will have trouble concealing his diapers and bloomers, specially the legs of them. I take great delight in awarding a quick swat on the back of my males legs with my purse strap as a reminder of his brazenness.

If the short pants in question are to be hand or tailor-made, arrange so that they have no pockets and button down one side, in the Continental style. Trousers buttoning at the front (the normal arrangement, alas) present a problem if the culprit is already face down (over your knee, or strapped to a piece of furniture) awaiting punishment. The garment must be removed or taken down beforehand, and the speedy flow of events which is the essence of many chastisements-particularly summary ones is checked.

Short pants of the side-buttoning type are typically European, not to say feminine, in cut, skirted and trimmed, and should be made up from the more expensive materials, with velvet being an excellent choice. Where these are not directly available, schoolgirls' gym shorts (divided skirts) are a practical substitute. The normal material for short pants is grey worsted or flannel, with corduroy a poor third choice (since this material provides more protection than most-nothing but a well-handled cane or crop will penetrate it).

LockableSuit-Back.jpg (2733 bytes)LockableSuit.jpg (13137 bytes)PunishmentSuitr.jpg (105617 bytes)


For overnight use or when your male is left alone every effort must be made to control self abuse and I would recommend the use of a properly designed and locking jump suit (Bobbie or Stay Clean Suit). One of these along with plastic panties and a diaper will enable an element of control and ease of monitoring nocturnal emissions should they attempted and they negate the use of trips to the bathroom. There is a text I came across sometime ago which I have appended which covers the subject of diaper use in its may forms. I thoroughly recommend you to read it and take onboard its suggestions.

If night restraints are required to further prevent self-abuse, an offence I particularly loathe, then they must be applied rigorously. If any male is found or even suspected of having actually abused himself at any time, he is punished twice-a summary beating with the sharpest implement to hand, and an exemplary thrashing administered formally the following day.

How do you check? Well I use a Checkmate Semen Detection Kit. Checkmate is formulated to detect a certain enzyme that is produced by the male prostate gland. This enzyme is found at very high levels in a mans semen. As long as the article to be tested has not been washed, invisible traces of dried semen will remain present for long periods of time. Up to 2 years or even longer. If any semen is present, even the smallest trace amounts, you will see a purple colour appear instantly.

There's really no way out of it. The 5 Minute Semen Detection Test kit really works!. If semen stains are present in your males panties, there is only one way they got there.

Men aren't as hard to work out. A man will continue to secrete small amounts of semen for up to 2 hours or more after. If you have locked him into Bobbie or Stay Clean Suit, suitable dressed there is no way he can cum outside of the garment confines and so his naughtiness can be detected an punished. Take it from me even long after jacking off a male will have dried and/or invisible traces of semen present.

As long as the article to be tested has not been washed, traces of dried semen will remain present for very long periods of time. Up to two years or even longer. Some studies have shown traces of semen remaining on unwashed material for almost 40 years!

According to how you have dress your male, I believe a woman is smart enough to determine how semen got into his underwear after getting a positive test result.

Remember, you're not always looking for a positive test result. Hopefully he's not jacking off and your results will be negative. Either way, that's the beauty of this amazing product. Now you can find out what's really going on in 5 minutes or less with the Checkmate 5 Minute Semen Detection Test Kit. It works!

USA http://www.infidelitytoday.com/

Europe http://www.getcheckmate.info/index.htm


Some males are unwilling to put on clothing of the type described. To be made to do so is your males first lesson. If necessary, he must be forcibly dressed in the garments, after first receiving an introductory taste of corporal punishment.


I would recommend that you check that proper care is being taken of all clothing, and that your male is neatly, smartly and correctly dressed at all times. It is important to carry out sudden, unexpected inspections in order to maintain vigilance. If dressed in a uniform of any kind the check can be made very strictly, picking up on little details like ironed in creases in his knickers being indistinct or lacking sharpness. Infringements of the dress code should of course be punished very severely. Males must be made to be clean as dirtiness is an abiding problem and a fierce offensive should be mounted at all times to ensure the highest standards are observed. For this reason inspections of clothing must be extended to the pupil himself whenever suspicions are aroused. Unwashed hair, dirty ears, hands or fingernails will probably indicate dirty feet and toenails-and worse. Gross cases should be dealt with by scrubbing at the very least, and probably further punishment as well. 

Things to watch out for

I assume you have had a lock fitted to the room where his clothing is kept? It is essential that you keep close control over this area to ensure he conforms to your requests when you are not around to observe him. For example if you dress him and then leave the house what is to stop him changing his clothing and going out? Make sure also that you have all copies of the keys as it is often as important to lock him in as it is to lock him out of the room as a punishment.

So you want to be nice

Adopt the motto, you have to be cruel to be kind now although I have been know to show a little compassion at times say by letting my male wear a thinner diaper rather than his normal ‘overnighter’. Panties in place of bloomers. I never, never when faced with a situation where my male is pleading for a minor change in his regime agree to it without bargaining. For example he may be able to go out with me wearing a thinner, less noticeable diaper but on his return its back into the normal type with maybe 3 or 4 booster pads, suppositories, restraint and his head between my legs pleasuring me for a couple of hours in return. I’m sure you get the idea.

So there you have it and if you take my advice for a start, is to lock away all of his male undies and then make him to wear bloomers or full cut panties 100% of the time. The other things can be introduced later and as always any and I mean any failure, even slightly is rewarded by corporal punishment. You will be truly amazed by the improvements this regime will bring and even more so as you add your own likes to it.


More ideas?maidvictor21_small.jpg (4125 bytes)

Tuck his shirt into his panties and make him sit with the waistband of his panties showing.

One day a week dress him as a maid and make him do the house chores.

Take him to buy and then wear a long leg, high waist panty girdle.

Take him to buy a panty corselet. Let him wear it with the cups unpadded but if resistance is exhibited, pad them.

Make sure he hangs out all of his own washing on wash days.

Fit a butt plug in him while wearing a tight panty girdle. It will slide in and out for a good self-screwing as he walks and watch the expression on his face when he sits down!

Maid for work Fit a nappy and plastic panties so she does not have an excuse to stop working

Buy yourself some surgical gloves and glycerine suppositories to give him when he gets too sassy. You decide when he gets to go to the bathroom.

If your male is not wearing a diaper, and why not make him, carry sanitary napkins and plastic panties with him all the time for he never knows when his periods might strike! Call him up out the blue, once a month, to advise it’s time. He has to go and insert a sanitary napkin into his panties! And woe betide him if he is caught without wearing them for the next 7 days!

Sew a pink bra bow to his shirt collar.

Make him wear a bra while sun bathing.

Make him wear navy or black full cut ’regulation’ school panties in public as a bathing suit.

Make him wear pastel coloured panties under a long shirt in public with nothing else covering them as if he had on shorts.

Make him carry your purse in public.

Buy him a sewing machine so he can make his own clothes and under things.

Take lots of photographs and create an album. Always good to have a few photo’s to show the other woman at munches and if he is tempted to stray.

Nail polish.

If he travels, pack his panties and nightgowns in a baby girl's diaper bag and make sure its a carry on.

Put him in floral print full brief panties under women's white shorts and go out for the day.

Make him wear adult diapers and plastic panties under a shortened tee shirt around the house with nothing else covering them.

Throw away all of his men's dress socks and make him buy dark coloured women's trouser socks.


Make him wear a diaper that you've soiled for him.

Waxing/shaving of legs, body, arms, chest and/or pubic area.