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Electric Training Diapers

Electrified training diapers were developed to treat adolescent and adult bed wetter's, and should never be used on young children.

 When the electrified training diapers become wet the sensor turns on the power supply and electrifies the area between the electrodes, shocking the bed wetter's genital and buttock areas.

1. Diapers any type diaper or combination of diapers may be used. Just follow the instructions for electrode and sensor placement bellow.

Cloth diapers - When using cloth diapers the electrodes and sensor are placed in the first layer of the diaper and held in place with waterproof tape.

See figure 1 and 2 for location.

Disposable diapers -  When using disposable diapers the electrodes and sensor are pushed through the plastic backing and held in place with waterproof tape.

See figure 1 and 2 for location.

Note the electrodes and sensor is not to contact the skin.

2. Power Supplies.

Model 1. The electrified training diapers power supply model 1 was designed for clinical use. The model 1 is a table top unit it is used for long term electric shock treatments and to find the pain threshold of the bed wetter. 

Model 1 features:.

1. a wet diaper alarm.

2. variable shock pulse rate.

3. variable shock intensity. the shock can be varied from 

    simulation [pleasant tingeing ] 

    training [ uncomfortable ] 

    advanced training [ painful ]

    punishment [ unbearable ]

4. shock duration control

    level 1    2 seconds

    level 2    4 seconds

    level 3    10 seconds

    level 4    30 seconds

    level 5    continuous random pulses 

5. The bed wetter has no control over the unit.


Model 2. The electrified training diapers power supply model 2 was designed for clinical and home use. The model 2 comes with a locking harness to prevent unauthorised diaper removal. The model 2 is a small box attached to the locking harness and is worn in the front of the body. The model 2 features a preset pulse rate [4 pulses per second ] and variable shock intensity, same as model 1 but it must be set before use. When the diaper becomes wet the electric shock is turned on. The bed wetter can turn off the shock by pressing the two small buttons on ether side of the model2.


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Application for use of electrified training diapers

Please answer these questions:



Are you in good health?

Have you seen a doctor about your bedwetting?

What are your measurements?

What kind of Diapers do you wear?

How often do you wet your panties?

How often do you wet your bed?

How many times a night do you wet?


Electric Training Diapers only work when you wet the diapers. The wet area of the

diapers becomes electrified to the degree that the shocks will wake and punish you. This is called negative reinforcement which is very effectively used with the older bed wetters.


THE TEST SHOCK: You will be put into the training diapers, then asked to wet. The the voltage is then slowly increased to find your waking pain threshold. The level is then increased to +15%

NIGHT DIAPERING: At bedtime you will be put in Electrified Training Diapers and plastic knickers and secured with 4/5 point bed restraint. When you wet you will receive an Electric Shock across your diapers enough to wake you. At this stage your nurse will then turn off the shock. Before your diapers are changed you will be given a reminder shocks.

OVERFILLING: You will be given lots to drink to insure that you are unable to control your bladder. You will be put in Electrified Training Diapers and plastic knickers and secured with 4/5 point bed restraint. When you wet you will receive an Electric Shock across your diapers. The current will be maintained automatically for a period set by your nurse a rest period of 20minuets will follow . The current will be reapplied on this cycle until the diaper is changed.

ENFORCED BLADDER STRETCHING: During the day you will wear Electrified Training Diapers and you will have to ask to wet. When given permission to wet you must start in one minute or less. If you wet without gaining permission you will be shocked. 

If you have any more information on this topic or any personal experiences please send them to us using -  theinstitue@blueyonder.co.uk  




bedwet_057a.jpg (112637 bytes) Dgirlc.gif (20090 bytes) diaper4c.gif (19037 bytes) etdm1-3.JPG (247048 bytes) etdm1-6.JPG (200280 bytes)

Standard set up showing placement of ankle electrodes and restraints. Conductive gel is used on the ankle (and thigh) electrodes only.
A Pleasure TecTEC PT2010 with 4 different settings is used as the main power unit.
The programme selector dial incorporates two 'off' positions extreme left and right. In between these positions are 4 operating programmes.The intensity level channels operate independently of each other, increasing the level on one channel will not weaken the intensity level of the other channel.The two channels are electrically isolated and therefore they always alternate their power output. this is used with the double electrode nappy. A feature of the  PT2010 is that not only the intensity levels are independent but also the frequency levels and it also has the addition of a frequency modulator (FM) dial for even more fine tuning.
Close up of ankle electrodes. Both ankle electrodes are connected together electrically.


The conductive rubber electrodes used here are from a Slender tone unit.
Single electrode cloth nappy. Second view of a single electrode cloth nappy. Cables used here are from PES.
Single electrode disposable nappy. This is the double electrode version of the standard nappy. Used in the same way as the standard nappy but has an added sting. When wetness reaches the first electrode the wearer receives a ‘warning’. This  continues until the wetness reaches the second higher electrode when a very much higher correction is received. for this circuit additional thigh electrodes are used much the same as the ankle electrodes for the first circuit. If the wearer controls themselves  they may avoid the higher ‘warning’. If they continue to show no control they will receive a higher shock. It is observed however, that even if the wearer stops when they receive the first warning the urine will wick within the nappy and reach the second electrode after a short period of time. For the patient it is very much a, some you loose and other you also loose tough situation ;-)
The electric training diapers are used to give the wearer an increasingly painful electric shock each time they pee if used with a dedicated shock box with feedback trigger. A more common set up uses a standard 'shock box' which can be as and in some cases even more effective and is a lot more cost effective.

The diaper used is the same basically in both cases and is easily made as only one electrode is needed.

Assuming a standard box is being used, take a disposable diaper and slit the waterproof backing for about 4cm's level with the wearer’s anus. Place a small 3 or 4 cm square conductive rubber (pad electrode/Slendertone is fine) with its attached lead through the slit next to the plastic but do not disturb the wadding. Place a length of water proof tape over the slit and tape it closed.

The patient is now secured to a bed in 4 or more point restraints. both of the ankle cuffs are lined with the same conductive rubber as used in the diaper. It is essential that the contact area around the ankles is as large as possible and that conductive jelly is used to make a good electrical contact. The aim is to focus the current on the diaper electrode with little being felt in the legs. It is possible to use a waist belt but it has been found that some patients can manoeuvre themselves to gain a purchase on a belt electrode and remove it. It has also been found in one case the patient urinated to the degree that there was sufficient liquid for the current passed directly between the electrodes rather than through the body. Ankle electrodes prevent both of these problems and ensure the punishing current can not be avoided. In use the patient is diapered and then secured by hand, chest, waist, thighs and foot. See attached photo's on the site for an idea of the restraints used.

Both ankle electrodes are connected to one channel the diaper electrode to the other. The power is then turned on and adjusted to what is considered a comfortable level - 30-50% output - mild for training or a reminder high for punishment - it needs to sting! The patient feels absolutely nothing as the paper wadding is a good conductor. As urine is released and reaches the diaper electrode the circuit is completed and current flows. The shock can not be stopped once started even by the patient stopping urinating. Intervention by the nurse is required. The nurse replaces the diaper and increases the current by about 5% and so on until the lesson is learnt. Be assured this treatment is not to be undertaken lightly and is extremely effective lesson.

Variations on this treatment can include the patient being able to ask for permission to pee. The shock unit is de-energised following authorisation and the patient can pee in the diaper without correction. A fresh diaper is then fitted and the shock unit turned back on. Another variation can be safe times. A clock used to make and break the electrical circuit is marked with very precise ‘safe to pee’ times. If the patient urinates within the time/s no shock is received and a warning buzzer alerts the monitoring nurse of the need to change the diaper. A bed wetting alarm is used for this. Unfortunately, if the diaper is not changed you can imagine what happens when the shock unit resets. A further variation of this treatment is covering the clock so the patient can not see the dial/safe periods.

Yet another variation is using an 'off' switch which the patient can reach with difficulty say by lifting their head off a the pillow and stretching to reach it. The idea is that which ever mussels used they exhaust quickly and the 'off' state can not be maintained.
Double electrodes can also be used. Fit one into the diaper as normal and a second higher up towards the waist band. A two channel box is used with the second higher electrode being set much, much higher. This is a bit of a mind fuck if done correctly. Why? The patient will not know if they have released enough urine to wick to the second electrode. The first will trigger quite quickly and then the wait begins. All that they will know is that if they pee again ...........
During all treatments, high volumes of fluid are given often containing diuretics.

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Subject: Results: Electric Training Diapers


I was somewhat sceptical about this particular idea, guessing it was yet another impossible hypothetical fantasy, but I had a couple hours alone to test it, and so I did.


I used a kat systems power box, and put together the diaper and ankle cuff as described.  On the accuracy side, it gave no sensation while the diaper was dry, and did provide the dialed in stimulus once the diaper became wet. However, the sensation was much sharper on the ankle than in the diaper.  

Doing a bit of off the cuff design, I moved the ankle electrode to a butt cheek, and decided that sensation fit the purpose much better,   I suspect a  pair of electrodes, one high on each cheek would work best for the ground, though somewhat more susceptible to tampering.    If a sharp

sensation on the ankle was acceptable to the one in charge, then the Electric Training Diaper can be said to work exactly as described.


(feel free to post this, as from anonymous.)


From: Dr Smack [dr_smack2000@yahoo.com] address posted with permission
Sent: 15 July 2008 03:37
To: theinstitute@blueyonder.co.uk
Subject: The self bondage computer controlled chair

I love the site.  I enjoyed reading about diaper domination and I thought I was the only one alive who had ever thought about electric diaper training however a google search brought me to your site and proved that I am not alone. 

I have this idea for a self bondage chair that has sensors, plug(s), a gag, and electrodes controlled by a computer. 

The restraints would be held by electromagnets and released by a timer.  The electrodes, pumps, sensors, on the chair would be monitored and controlled by programmable computer software.  The sensors would be "cause or if" variables and the controllable actions such as like electroshock or inflate would be "effect or then" variables.  Add a time for effect to last variable, size for inflatable, speed for vibration, and intensity for electro shock variables and you have a very intense experience.  There could also be random setting to really mess with the subject. 

I have included a VERY rough diagram with some ideas and a drawing of the chair.  This smart chair could be used for diaper training and remote training by a top using a web cam to see the subject. Fully automatic punishment would be given for lying (computer asks questions, if it detects a lie it using stress detection). It could run tests - punishment for wrong answers (subject has a button at each hand, one of them is the right answer and will not have an effect the other has the wrong answer and an effect). 

I hope you will post this so that maybe someone would actually build and sell this or something like it.  Keep up the good work on the site.

Text of this project in more detail HERE


From: Karen ******** [mailto:karen*******@******.com]
Sent: 15 May 2009 16:23
To: matron@theoriginalinstitute.com
Subject: Electric Training Diapers - the next level!

Glad to see you guys back on line - you have been missed!

You have my permission to post this entire text, including this email address! All I ask is some sort of anti-spam bot like substituting "<at>" for the "@" in the email address. karen_palen(at)ahoo.com  please remove (at) and use @ if you wish to contact Karen

I have experimented both as top and bottom with things like the Electric Training Diapers described on your website.

I have found the electric training diapers rather awkward in that they are only single use, once the the diaper is wet the subject may as well fill the diaper. That is the subject has no incentive to control themselves once they start to wet! In addition the “training” must be interrupted every few hours for a diaper change, and it is hard to keep the subject from wetting without permission during this change.

As a result I have developed a "flow controller" which delivers a shock if the subject wets without permission.

In the female version the belt consists of a plastic cup which is held over the genital area by a belt. The outside edge of the cup has a metal coating which acts as a “ground” connection to the body. The lowest point of the cup has a small hole drilled into it with a small electrode held about 5 mm away from the urine outlet. A second, larger hole is drilled about 15mm higher than the first hole and has the “flow control” electrode held just outside of it.

The male version is similar except that the ”cup” fits over the penis, with the ”ground” at the base of the penis. A tube such as a modified CB-3000 works well for this, but just about any tube that can be held firmly in place will work well.

While no urine flows the plastic cup acts as an insulator,no current flows and no pain is felt. Small drips of urine (or sweat) also has no effect since there is no current path. However once a continuous flow starts, no matter how small the stream, then the electricity will flow up the stream to the subject's body – typically the urethra! This provides an immediate and sharp “jab” sensation which continues so long as urine is flowing, then stops once the subject stops the flow!

In this way there is only pain when the subject actually wets, once he/she stops then the pain will stop! In practice there is some delay due to wet surfaces and allowing the urine to drain through the relatively small hole. Knowing that they can stop the pain only by controlling the flow provides a strong incentive to provide that control.

For long term wear it has proved useful useful to have a second electrode which is positioned somewhat higher, but with a much higher electricity level - this "encourages" the subject to maintain a low to moderate rate of flow and is very effective!

Thus even when “permission to pee” is given, the actual flow permitted by the subject must still be carefully controlled – we call it “slow pee”. Of course if the subject does not have permission to pee then the extra pain of the second electrode encourages the subject to retain as much control as possible!

This second hole and electrode is my current topic for experimentation, getting the correct hole sizes so that the subject can, with difficulty, avoid the higher pain level is taking some experimentation. About a 2-3 mm hole for the "primary"outlet seems to be about right, but it would be nice to figure out some way to actually adjust this “slow” flow rate.

So far we have not played with anything beyond what I would call a "mild" pain level, nothing enough to cause muscle paralysis or involuntary movement.

Since this device is based on a chastity belt concept, it can me made relatively mobile and this can be suited for moderately long term wear. The subject does need to wear a diaper and plastic pants, but otherwise the subject can be allowed to move around with relative freedom.

Since we have not “armored” the wires, we secure the TENS unit inside a zip-lock bag then fasten it together with the electrode wires inside locking plastic pants! This is far from foolproof, but it is sufficiently protected that no subject has managed to disable the controller so far. The threat of an extra hour (or more!) before the next “permission to pee” has discouraged any serious attempts to disable the device.

So far we have had numerous “training sessions” lasting 12 to 24 hours. We have had one subject wear this device continuously for 48 hours, with “permission to pee” given about every three to four hours. During this time the secondary or “slow” electrode proved to be quite a challenge for her!