The Self Bondage Computer Controlled Training/Punishment Chair

If you want to find out more on this subject the author has a very good site which is well worth a visit - Click  HERE


What is it?

A smart chair that is connected to a computer with sensors, TENs units, electric pumps, electromagnets, and optional plug(s).  Used for self bondage and computer controlled domination or self bondage and remote domination by a master (or mistress).  The restraints are locked on and are released by a timer.


Electromagnetically mounted restraints

The restraints have magnetic plates attached to them.  The chair has electromagnets which hold the restraints in place.  First the subject would set and start the timer located on the back of the chair for one to four hours.  Wrist, ankle, mid-arm, neck, and thigh restraints would be strapped onto subject.  At this time any optional electrodes or plugs would also be applied and connected to the system.  The subject will sit down in the chair and connect the optional five point restraints. The subject then presses her restraints against the electromagnetic plates.  Each electromagnetic plate as a button on it so that it may sense when the restraint is in place.  When all the restraints are in place the electromagnets will power on effectively holding the subject in place until the power to the electromagnets is deactivated by the timer.  The timer is not activated by the restraints being put into place for safety. 


Connectivity to Computer

Connected to computer via USB the chair can be controlled remotely through software, pre-programmed, or controlled by the computer through use of pre-programmed cause and effect commands.



Limited to 4 hours restraint time, the restraints are connected to chair through electromagnets.  After 1-4 hours the timer cuts power to the electromagnets freeing the subject.  If the power fails the subject will be automatically let free.  The built in environmental sensor allows the chair to sense heat, cold, water (flooding), smoke, and carbon monoxide. If the chair detects enough of any of these variables it will automatically cut power to the restraints releasing the subject.  Hardware limitations are imposed on the inflation of the gag and anal plug to prevent over inflation.  Software time limitations are used for large sizes on the mouth gag.  A sensor for blood oxygen levels could also be used to determine early release of the subject.


The timer is a simple timer that is not part of any system other than itself.  The function of the timer is to turn off the power to the magnets.  It is not possible to activate the system without first setting a time on the timer with a maximum of 4 hours.


Sensors and Programmable settings

Microphone located close by the sub's head allows the computer or the remote controller to here the submissive.  The software has custom settings.  Ex: you could customize the cause and effect with the cause being "loud noises from mic" and effect "inflate mouth gag".  A time limit can be set on effects so that you could say "inflate mouth gag to 2" for 10 seconds".  You can define multiple effects also such as "inflate gag to 2" for 10 seconds" and "inflate anal plug to 1.5" for 30 seconds".


Moisture detection - allows the system to detect moisture through a sensor.  Could be used for diaper training.  In this case the moisture sensor would be placed in the subject's diaper.  The software variable "cause" could be set to "detect moisture" and the effect variable set to "electroshock electrode #1 for 10 seconds".  Electrode #1 is connected to the system and can be located anywhere on the subject.  In the case of diaper training it could be located on the genitals.



Loud noise through microphone

Motion detection through web cam

Moisture detection (diaper training)

Gag bite - (gag senses bite down)

Lie detection (auxiliary sensors) and button presses

Button presses by sub - (one button located at each hand)



Effects with (Variables)

Inflate mouth gag (select time) (select size)

Dispense liquid through mouth gag (select time) (select volume)

TENs unit electroshock (select electrode) (select intensity) (select pulse) (select time)

Inflate anal plug (select size) (select time) (select speed)

Vibrate anal plug (select speed) (select time)

TENs electroshock anal plug (select intensity) (select pulse) (select time)

Liquid dispense through anal plug --enema (select volume) (select time)


If you want to find out more on this subject the author has a very good site which is well worth a visit - Click  HERE


Update Sept 2010

I have not made any significant updates to the Training Punishment Chair. Every once in a while I post an update on my website. At the moment I am working on a new self bondage adult sized Johnny-Jump-Up idea for the AB/DL crowd.  I have a new address for my website although the old will always continue to work.  The new website address is   I am using that address since dyndns killed the use of the domain.  Thanks again for adding my ideas to your website!