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Slave Training Chastity Belt vs Diapers

Written by     confinedtodiapers@comcast.net

To be  a true submissive one has to give up something.  Having a sub in a chastity belt more or less permanently can be very frustrating. After several months locked up most slaves will do anything to get some relief. But some can get around their belts and get a little relief.  Even the best chastity belt is  not foolproof.

  That’s where diapers make a very good long term training tool. Most have read the

Effective Diaper Domination  at http://www.theoriginalinstitute.com/effective_diaper_domination.htm

  Many subs are horrified at diapers long term. Once diapered the Top  has complete control over the sub. The sub knows very well their own comfort is now under their masters control. 

 It is very important to heavily enforce diaper discipline. Locking plastic pants can be very useful. Of course all changes are up to the Top or master in control.  Keeping a sub in a messy diaper until chores are properly done to the Tops satisfaction can be very humbling on the subs part.

 Forced incontinence can break even the most stubborn sub. Discomfort and embarrassment, can have a very strong psychological effect on any sub.

  At night the sub should be strapped to their bed thickly diapered. Other training can include a suppository or other laxative at bed time.  Will cause great distress to the sub as he or she knows there will be no diaper change till morning. No matter what they do, they wont be able to get comfortable. In the morning the Top can make the sub stay in that soiled diaper until they see fit to change it. Diaper rash can also be very effective in controlling your sub letting them know who is in charge.

  When the sub is not doing chores etc, they can be put back in restraints and given lots of liquids and or laxatives or (water pills) to further cause them distress. Always important to make sure your sub is unable to touch their diapers.  Neck to wrist restraints or wrist to waist or even 4 point to a bed.   Restraints deepen the psychological impact of long term diapers.

The long term continued forced use of diapers will eventually cause the bladder to shrink, making the sub feel the need to let go that much sooner. Eventually diapers will pretty much be wet and or messy quickly. Then the sub will do anything the top commands to get changed.   Very important to make a sub wait an hour or more to get out of a messy diaper.  This gives the top a great psychological control over the sub. 

   When in public, even well hidden diapers are always on the mind of the sub. Impossible for them to forget they are in diapers and the bathroom is forbidden. The sub generally feels as if every one knows they are in diapers. Wont be long before they are forced to wet. The psychological impact of making a sub wet or even mess their diaper in public will give the top great satisfaction over the subs anxiety and turmoil.

The subs behavior in the situation will determine if and when they get changed, or how they are treated in the public situation. The top always has to option of saying to the sub in public, does your diaper need to be changed already?!  Most subs would do anything to keep their diapers from being exposed to the general public. 

  At home the subs diapers should always be on display. Never allowed to cover up unless given permission. The sub will always have to show off  his or her diapers to the Tops friends as he sees fit.

Helpful if the slave has his or her gag padlocked in their mouth at this time.  Of course the Top can always say to friends how well behaved his or her slave has become since put back in diapers full time. All the sub can do is quietly show off their white badge of shame.

  The continued frustration, anxiety, and restricted movement will solidify the control the top has over the sub. Even after a change sub knows it wont be long before their diapers are uncomfortable again. Diapers do trap heat in and depending on what type of diapers are used and how thick will remind the sub who is in charge, and that they will soon be wet or messy, and dependant on their Top for comfort.

  Of course traditional methods of discipline and training should continue. Corner time, paddling, or what other methods are preferred.  Of course continue to use methods that force the sub to wet and mess often.

  Of course the Top should use the word Diapers with the sub as often as possible. Just the word diapers is like a gong going off.  “Your diapers”  “How do your diapers feel slave?”  “Your diapers messy?” 

   “Your diapers are the best thing for you”  “Now that you no longer have any bladder control, guess you will be in diapers for the rest of your life.”