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Currently 5 types of Strait Jacket + body bags +  arm binders + arm/leg corsets + mesh sacks + more, much more

Made by an enthusiast for enthusiasts 
I begun loving straightjackets around 10 or 12 years ago - when I saw first pictures and films with strait jackets in use. Especially on a nice and good secured woman. However at this time I was a student - young, full of ideas, always without money (Ed-sounds familiar) and with no idea whatsoever of how to get my own strait jacket. But I had a good skill - I was able to sew! And I am good with my hands - I learnt many skills in school and at home from my granny. So  about 8 or 9 years ago I started to make my first strait jacket - not good by my current standards, but a strait jacket. Step by step I did better, more exact, better patterns, more secure, using heavier materials.  I made a point of getting the best equipment, machines and materials to sew. I now have 3 sewing machines: The first a light Privileg Quilting machine, a heavy old Pfaff, full metal body which I use to stitch up to six layers and a very special saddler sewing machine made by Adler in Germany. This will sew up to 15 mm of material!!! Thats half an inch in English money. I did my very enjoyable research, I tried all the major makers products - and even a good Max Cita sj. I have now made around 50 straightjacket, 15 body bags, hoods and lockable gloves to prevent the wearer using their hands and few other really extraordinary things. I enjoy making and selling high class made to measure/specification restraints, mainly in Europe but of course, orders from elsewhere are always welcome.
I have a have a very charming girlfriend who also enjoys my work. She has a Model 1 jacket, with hood and something for her legs. *ggg* and she loves to wear it. Turning things around she returns the favour and puts me in my own very heavy version. (Not for long though as I have to have my hands free to work on your orders!!!
I found a few other sellers around the world - Posey, Max Cita and Heetkamp. But here in Europe you will have to look long and hard to buy such a high quality jacket at my prices. So I think it is time for a change - I have the skills, knowledge, high standards, equipment, enjoy challenge and love of the subject of restraints. So I founded No Escape!!! and made my hobby to my job.
Let me turn your ideas in to solid high quality confining reality. 


"ZwangHaft or Zwanghaft would be a typical German word (used in psychiatry). It is somewhat of a wordplay. It means to be imprisoned against your will but it also means that you have to do something to feel better. E.G. to steal something you don't really need just to have the thrill or, in our case, to be encased in a rather special garment which is designed only for that purpose and to be left alone (or not...) with your fantasies - unable to resist. "

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Model 1 (Made to measure)                  No Escape!!! Standard Version Price                             €199 (1/8/08)

A classically inspired straitjacket and similar to a commercial hospital jacket

  • Five very strong rear straps and prong buckles fasten the back closed
  • Crotch strap
  • Central safety chest strap to prevent arms being lifted over the head
  • High neck
  • All strap holes have metal reinforcing eyelets
  • All seams doubly sewn - many three times where needed
  • Available in cream, white, beige canvas (special colours to order)

Model 2 (Made to measure)                  No Escape!!! Standard Version Price                              €289 (1/8/08)

  • Quick fit zipper covered with a full length hook and loop strip enable you to get control of your patient quickly
  • Six straps fasten the back closed
  • Dual crotch straps
  • Central safety chest strap to prevent arms being lifted over the head
  • Under arm loops
  • High neck
  • All strap holes have metal reinforcing eyelets
  • All seams doubly sewn - many, three times where needed
  • Available in cream, white, beige canvas (special colours to order)
  • alternative colours for the nylon belts - available at extra cost (circa 20 Euro?)


Possible extras for Models 1 and some for Model 2 (ask for pricing details)
  • High standing collar
  • Belt system all around
  • Extra fastening around the sleeves to narrow them (max 3)
  • Quilting cotton wool layer, on jackets made with 2 fabric layers, either outside or inside.
  • quilting layer outside and inside possible
  • Additional all around belt in upper arm
  • Extra wide crotch strap
  • Colour of edging and thread used to purchasers choice - red, yellow, black, beige, clean-white, grey, green, blue without surcharge!!!
Model 3 (Made to measure)                  No Escape!!! Standard Version Price                             €169 (1/8/08) Locks extra

A true collectors straitjacket.

  • Maximum security jacket with the amazing feel of tight confinement and no-escape
  • Individually custom-made
  • Double/triple stitched where needed inside and out to prevent seams being attacked
  • slip form
  • Belts meet at the rear fastening with button locks or pad locks
  • The closing system consists of, depending upon size of the jacket,  40-50 metal eyelets. All  individually punched and pressed. Special process prevents fraying of material.
  • 10cm (4") wide crotch strap prevents lifting the jacket off over the head by the wearer and a wider crotch strap makes it much more comfortable
  • Central chest strap locks the arms securely to the chest
  • Made in very heavy canvas only!! 
  • A very special jacket to test the expert in escape fully

Possible extras

  • Two layer jacket
  • Two layer jacket +quilting/cotton wool layer
  • Additional all around belt upper arm height - lock needed
  • Colour of edging and thread used to purchasers choice - red, yellow, black, beige, clean-white, grey, green, blue without surcharge!!!
Model 4 (Made to measure)                  No Escape!!! Standard Version Price                             €349 (1/8/08) No price rise since 2004!

A master piece of a straitjacket based on an old drawing - This superb jacket which is really a straitjacket AND a transport camisole offers an undreamt feeling of helpless restriction. The pleasure of luxury need not be expensive where there is amazing value and quality. The Model 4 is a pure luxury device for the most intense mental and physical experiences.
  • Construction - 2 laminates forming the jacket and camisole are of heavy cotton and are firmly attached together by broad seams
  • The internal layer is a normal straitjacket with long sleeves, which  wrap around the body and fasten at the rear
  • The outside layer is sleeveless, like a bag over the top of the interior jacket. The normal additional loop at chest level becomes redundant, as the wearer cannot lift their arms out from between the firm embrace of the outer layer.
  • High neck opening to offer a better look and more security
  • The multi layer approach gives a previously undreamt feeling of security
  • 6 firmly sewn belts are used to secure the outer jacket
  • This top of the range jacket has lateral loops, to hold the carriers firmly
  • 4 solid D rinds are fitted to give attachment points
  • Very firmly sewn - two or three times!

The ultimate straitjacket - No Escape!!! is possible

Possible extra's?

  • Further all around belts
  • Fastening high standing collar
  • quilt-cotton wool-laminate.
  • D rings (in pairs)
  • Extra wide crotch strap 10-20cm (4"- 8" apx)

Model 5 (Made to measure)                  No Escape!!! Standard Version Price                             €189 (1/8/08)

The model 5 straitjacket is fantastic for long term restraint and lying down. 2 layers to material and additionally  4 more on the seam-edges, to ensure it does not rub delicate skin (isn't that kind?) Naturally they are not that kind and the model 5 has the traditionally arm restraint loop on the chest. Extras? high standing collar (8-15 cm). Very wide crotch strap. D rings.  Quilting cotton wool layer inside or outside or both. All around belt with hole eyes in upper arm height. Free choice of colour  edge e.g. red, yellow, black, beige, clean-white, grey, green, blue without surcharge!!!


Model 6 (Made to measure)                  No Escape!!! Standard Version Price                             €390 (1/8/08)

This special SJ does not have a crotch strap. So, you are thinking I'm sure, its easy to get out of? Wrong!! NoEscape!!!  added shorts directly to the bottom of this jacket. Made with 2 layers of heavy canvas, the  basic model is held closed at the back with a zipper and 4 roll buckle straps. Loops at the front and under the armpits are used to fix the wearers arms and prevent escape. Then they have added a collar and more straps around the upper legs - A really nice, very secure and special straightjacket.

Pictures © (Posted with permission from NoEscape!!!)

English Maids Dress:


After a customer's request this nightmare was developed for all cross-dressing and  straitjacket fans! Under the finely shining layer of black and white satin and the wonderful, handmade frills, the nightmare  itself hides. The sleeves  have closed ends making a true straitjacket. A row of buttons are used to hide a very firm and sturdy closing zipper, which ends at the neck. The collar is very stiff leather effectively forming a neck corset which is trimmed with further frills. The dress consist of satin outer and an interior layer of heavy black canvas. From the inner sleeves 3 nylon straps extend and are used to provide normal security or can be linked to form a 'mono glove' type arrangement. here are also other belts fixed around the dress to give many securing possibilities. The lower skirt frill has a hidden belt under the frill which can be used to further reduce movement and there are even  2 hidden walking belts which ensure removing the dress is impossible.

The only problem we can see is how do you get any work done???? Just the thing for your next party?????

The dress takes on average a full two weeks to make and at only € 579 (1/8/08) it has got to be a good deal. Get your orders in quickly as we have a feeling this is going to be a top seller.


"Claudia" Straight Jacket (Made to measure)                  No Escape!!! Standard Version Price                             €399 (1/8/08) No price rise since Aug 04!


The model "Claudia" got its name after the first owner of this special straitjacket!

"Claudia" is offered exclusively in this form in a striking black cotton with strong red thread. If you wish a classic look the jacket can be made in the classical coloured beige cotton. It consists of 2 layer to material and has the following features as standard: high collar, all around belt system, specially belt around the torso, 14 D rings, lateral loops under the shoulders and extra a broad belt around the belly area of the jacket. Of particular interest is the belt system around the thighs which prevent the wearer lifting the jacket off over their head. Why? It makes the area between the wearers legs completely accessible!!! A special challenge for connoisseurs!

Body Bag   (Made to measure)                                                                                     Zipper and eyelets    €279 (1/8/08)

                                                                                                                                     Zipper and 7 straps  €329 (1/8/08)

                                                                                                                          Zipper, eyelets and 7 straps €359 (1/8/08)

Full length body bag in the form of a mummy sleeping bag. Made of heavy canvas. Internal sleeves for the occupants arms ensure complete restriction and totally helpless feeling. Very high quality - Made in Germany
Sinister with pride for your pleasure and frustration .

Different fastening systems:
    A. simple full zipper

    B. eyes and rope

    C. belts

Each Body Bag is custom made to your specification, body measurements and any one of the sealing systems above can be specified or you can combine them. It is strongly recommended that at least 2 of the methods are used for total efficiency, Where a zipper is specified a cover zipper with cover is supplied. Eyelets with 5 mm internal diameter are individually pressed and sealed into the cloth. Order time is approx.14-21 days as the  the zippers are individually and custom made.

 The Body Bag is now available with a 2way zipper. So now you can close your Body Bag up to the neck and have the feet or other areas wide open for torment *ggg*

The zipper is also lockable using a metal eyelet and a button or padlock to secure it closed. All locks are supplied at extra cost depending on specification set by you.
Transport Jacket

No Escape!!! now offers a transport jacket!! As with most of their range it will be made to measure and in the standard version the body of the jacket is made from 2 layers of canvas, secured with 4 around the body straps and a crotch belt with buckles and loops at sides for guiding unwilling patients. It is not meant to be secure since you hands could reach the buckles unless they are 'cuffed' in some way but does make a perfect second jacket to wear over a primary jacket. This makes it VERY secure.  

As normal for No Escape!!! additional belts, D-Rings, black canvas or other colours in satin finish can be ordered at extra cost. The  price for the standard jacket is €159. (1/8/08)

SJ Straight Jacket - Special edition

This is a strictly limited special edition - only 50 of them will be available world-wide. Each jacket has its own  serial number, one on view and the other hidden.

The jacket does not have a crotch strap, like most usual models, but two leg belts. These along with 3 belts, thigh, knee and ankle  offer innumerable and undreamt of restraint possibilities for example legs together or apart plus full access to the genital area. Two  layers of heavy cotton are used throughout and the height of the high collar can be specified up to a maximum of 6"/15cm. There are all round belts, D rings everywhere, belts around the wrists and you can even narrow the sleeves using belts at each armpit to close it and add further to the cling of the jacket. Over 1500 meters of yarn are used and all the stress points are over sewn several times. The& sj-50 has the unbelievable weight of approx..6 kilograms - A true collectors piece with full functionality. Each sj-50 the buyer is given a Certificate of Authenticity with their jacket.

The price for this limited handcrafted gem?  € 539 (Circa $US559  £282)(1/8/08)

Example of D Rings and buckles used

+++ harrisleer straίe 78 +++

+++ 24939 Flensburg +++

+++ tel: 0461/9957498 +++

+++ mobil: 0172/4013734 +++

+++ mail:  +++

+++ +++

T. Linzer will try to answer your questions in German or if you send in English, English. Great people!

Most of this information has been translated by a none German speaker (me) using and we have no direct connection with No Escape!!!  Please, please check with the guys at No Escape!!! for full details of their range, extras it you want them and pricing structure of their very exciting range before ordering. Remember all items are MADE TO MEASURE.



All pictures and content on this page is used with permission and is copyright - no escape © 2004

And for your enjoyment via a special arrangement with No Escape!!!............


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Prototype Open Strapping Sack Prototype Open Strapping Sack Prototype Open Strapping Sack Model 1 jacket - Rear view with high collar option and extra D rings Model 1 jacket - Front view with high collar option and extra D rings
Model 1 with optional wide chest strap Model 1 with optional wide chest strap Prototype 'Silk' jacket. (She liked it so much she purchased the SJ after the shoot!) Prototype 'Silk' jacket Monoglove
Monoglove Monoglove NEW 19/4/04

Reserved for exciting new item!!!
Reserved for exciting new item!!!
Body bag. Now available with locking two way zipper


Body bag

(She liked it so much she purchased the Body Bag after the shoot!)

Body bag Model 4 jacket - the famous two-in-one!!! Front view. Standard jacket with an all embracing  cover over the top!!! Think, how would you lift your arms over your head?


Model 4 rear view
Model 1 with narrow chest strap. Optional high collar/D rings and arm strap Model 3 Secured with optional  Button Locks

NEW 25/5/05

Leg corsets! € 149 manufactured from 6  laminate leyers of heavy canvas. The corsets can be adapted so they can be locked. The  wearer is strictly controlled and the bending of his/her legs is strictly limited or impossible. This undreamt-of helplessness is next to invisible under the trousers - HINT!!!Many extras available including a satin (z b red and black) outer layer. Further reinforcement of the knee joint and straps at the thigh and knee are also available.

Arm Corsets € 89 in standard form.

Made to measure using laminated heavy natural canvas. Coloured satin trim (red or black) is available for the edge for €20 . When worn the elbow can not be bent which brings about a sense  of undreamt helplessness. The arm corsets are invisible under a jacket or sweater!!! Extra belts can be fitted at the wrist and elbow to join the two corsets together and no doubt if requested the whole thing could be made lockable for an additional charge of around €20. 

Model 1 with narrow chest strap. Optional high collar/D rings and arm strap
Button Lock (optional extra)
 Click here for more details (complete PDF)
New!!! - Lockable Diaper cover - 80 Euro (31/3/04) Once locked using the optional button locks (see above/right) you cant get out of diapers.
The new Strafpants can be used
on their own or as addition to the
many commercially available bed security systems. The
two-piece pant can be secured as a use alone
garment with one lock or connected to the waist
strap of the bed system. It is a perfect solution
for medical staff with unco-operative diaper wearers
Please note that Strap A is used to connect the Diaper Cover System to a bed security waist belt.
 It has to be connected on the Diaper Cover and then pass through the legs of the wearer from back to the front. The Diaper Cover System thus has 3 different parts:
  • The Front Section - used at all times.
  • The Back Section - used on its own if the wearer needs to be mobile and just prevented from removing the diaper
  • The Belt - used in conjunction with the Front Section for a really cool addition to commercially available bed restraints which use button locks!
The Diaper Cover System was originally devised and made following many requests because commercial companies do not offers such solutions.


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