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Locking Clothing

We have received a lot of enquiries recently regarding garments which, at the minimum, require the wearer to have  assistance to remove them. Often the requirement is to actually preventing the removal of  the garment or interference with body parts or incontinence equipment. Rather than sending individual replies we will try to give you an overview of what is available and possible.

First let me say that a fully active, mentally alert adult who wants to bypass a garment will do so if allowed. There are many garments of a 'jumpsuit' design made for the mentally impaired which give the impression of being secure. They are, but only for people with a lack of co-ordination who cannot undo  button down flaps and/or the often fitted  rear zipper. Most of these suits are well designed in other respects ie the legs of the garment can not be raised further than the calf of the wearer and the arms can not be drawn in to the body of the suit. Both of these design elements effectively combine to stop direct interference with body parts and incontinence equipment. The other design element which must be taken into account is the construction. Generally these suits are made quite rightly for comfort. The cloth and seams  will not withstand a determined attack although there are a few manufactures who hint at their products superiority in this area (see lower). Having said all of this however with a few simple modifications many of these suits can be made into very good barriers and with good nursing observation they can provide a good support to good behaviour. General advice? Keep scissors and sharp objects well out of the way, maintain a strict observation regime and use secondary restraints.

There are many 'locking' garments which we will look at later but lets look at a few 'standard' suits first.

This unisex suit (Overall) S4686 is made by Suprima and is sold as having, locking zippers (where is the key?).
As previously stated it is designed to address nursing requirements in dementia cases and it does this very well. It is comfortable and well made. However, for a secure garment the button down flaps pose no challenge and the front zippers be they top to bottom closing, equally so.
The suit is widely available via the WEB if you search for it.
Available via B4NS http://www.b4ns.com/index.htm look under Night Gowns

The Créa Vie jumpsuit is sold as being ideal for bed-ridden people and those with Alzheimer’s disease (who have a tendency to undress themselves). It opens in the back with a strong zipper and has a second zipper in the leg inseams from ankle to ankle. No need to undress for changing anymore! The suit is made from cotton-polyester (50-50). The security concerns are the same as with most of the suits of this type although the rear zipper is harder to reach and can be modified to be secured. Here a soft, thick cord has been threaded through the neck seam and finished with two loops. The existing zipper tab is threaded through both loops and secured. Here a numbered seal has been used but small padlock could have been used. The inherent 'softness' of the garment still exists but intrusions would now be detectable.



This suit from Special Clothing starts well by saying, sometimes it's necessary to discourage undressing by providing a simple front without distractions like buttons, zippers or pockets. It is made from strong and comfortable twill materials, and they say are an excellent "AGGRESSIVE" UNDRESSER SOLUTION. The back-snap opening makes for easier dressing and the special clips at the neck and waistline discourage inquisitive fingers. They helpfully suggest that because this is a one-piece outfit, they suggest you consider ordering one size larger than regular clothing for plenty of room when seated. (This advice should be taken for all these suits and especially the Heetkamp one, more of which later). This suit comes with a round neckline finish, (Style A2221) for $44.95 or, for extra strong wearers, extra reinforcement on the neckline and other critical areas. (Style A2221R), for  $54.95.



Note for the wise - A discrete padlock or small plastic cable-tie can fix a zip or make a padded glove impossible to remove. Extra belt-loops for example make occasionally added straps or ties unslippable. An interesting idea, using plastic water pipe as arm splints inside the sleeves of street clothes. Very effective!

Special Needs Anti-Strip Jumpsuit (Thanks to Nick for sending this in 17/7/05)

This jumpsuit is designed to discourage disrobing. It features dome and extra secure fastenings down the back and an elasticated waist. It is made from hard wearing cotton-polyester twill and available in assorted colours.

Check details with each supplier as product specifications can vary

X Large
XX Large

Assorted colours available

Care Company (The) Location: Dublin

No pricing is available for any of the products in this database. Please contact the suppliers for specific pricing.


Now we come on to the first contender for a secure suit. It states that is designed to secure an inmate inside a fully secure, tear-proof lockable garment.  It significantly restricts/ prevents direct access to genital area and the ability to hide contraband in a body cavity (ouch!).  For extra security loops are provided for threading a belly chain (not included) through them to secure.  Padlock (not included) is fasted at the rear top to lock the suit on.  Note also the use of a belly chain to limit the use of the wearers handsMade from heavy duty polyester fabric.  Machine washable and it is available from  http://www.pxdirect.com/Restraints-Isolation.htm for only $248.95 gulp!

The Dutch company Heetkamp manufactures  a number of quite interesting items including a Hansoppen. The suits are tailor-made and priced individually but guide prices are given. Closed sleeves and legs. Securing loops, special colours, double fabric etc, etc are all possible options and using pin lock to secure their garments is normal for either the front or rear zipper option. Once one of these suits is locked onto you you will not be able to remove it if a few simple very precautions are taken by your carer.

Should you contact Heetkamp then be prepared to speak Dutch but English is possible if you ask politely. This is a vanilla supplier so approach carefully. Saying, "I'm into bondage and I would like a new suit" may close the door to you. Having said all of the above they make a superb suit if generally a little on the small side. Advice? Order larger, as although Heetkamp will alter garments it should be avoided. If you want to see on suit which needed altering have a look at the overalls on Louis's page. Notice the red insert? Don't tell him I told you. http://sj.blacksteel.com/Heetkamp/

(Opps! The follow sentence : The Dutch company Heetkamp manufactures a number of quite interesting items including a Hansoppen. Is wrong. I suppose You want to have the singularl form of "Hanssoppen" . It's called a 'Hansop". One Hansop, two or more Hansoppen, that's the correct dutch conjugation.

Greetingz Martijn 29/6/05 Thanks Martijn for the correction)

Price? For a standard double fabric 'standard' suit 160cm € 133.00 That about $170 US

If you want help purchasing you can e-mail Harry via  http://tasker.blacksteel.com/frames/aboutme.html  and he will normally act as a go between for a small charge. Top guy with a very good reputation.

More pictures here  http://www.heetkamp.nl/index_prijzen.html click ARTIKELEN and then HANSOPPEN (Bet you spend some time looking around the rest of their site.)

  Heetkamp lock Segufix lock Alternative locks

(Upper three pictures from Nick)

Designs by Lord Grey. Can anyone make these up? If so please contact us.

The inpetto-Overall. Strongly made in cotton (denim). This one owned by Lord Grey has been modified to enable the sturdy zipper in the back  to be locked using a button lock. Very effective.




Shop windows displaying anti-undresser clothing - Sent in by Lord Grey

langjähriger Erfahrungen und kundenspezifischer Leistungs-
parameter mit den Bauteilen:


Artikel: 8250101
Pflegeoverall http://www.ar-tex.de/cgi-bin/shop.pl?000000008250200

lange Beine mit Füßen, lange Arme mit Handschuhen, Reißverschluß im Schritt und im Rückenteil

langer Arm, lange Beine, runder Halsausschnitt mit Paspel, Reißverschluss im Rückenteil http://www.ar-tex.de/cgi-bin/shop.pl?000000008250200#01


Handteil mehrfach gefüttert, Handgelenk Klettband, am Handgelenk angenähte Sicherung, Bänder am Handgelenk http://www.ar-tex.de/cgi-bin/shop.pl?000000000080700#10

http://www.ar-tex.de/cgi-bin/shop.pl?000000008080000#00 lange Arme, lange Beine, Strickbund Hals, Arme, Beine, Reißverschluss im Schritt teilbar 140 cm

SÉCU Overall

These overalls are made from a very robust and rip proof material. The seams are enforced to effectively prevent the patient from tearing the garment.

Made to prevent the patient removing his or her nappies (diapers) and thus being able to smear faeces and/or undressing. Once fully locked  on the patient, using the optional securing buttons at the back and on each sleeve, the garment will not be able to be removed without a key. 

This company also sells a range of 'movement limiting' garments. HERE


On the subject of Segufix locks.  Secu offer a Segufix-style lock which opens using a special key with two pins. The great thing is that it's available in two lengths: the same size as the standard Segufix lock or half the pin length. In some applications - such as securing clothing - the short one is far better than the Segufix lock because it doesn't have lots of spare shank showing. The locks are very, very secure.

Buying from them?  Sévo are nice people to deal with. I've purchased a couple of things from them without fuss or awkward questions. Although their online ordering system *really* sucks (and didn't work for him), if you send them an email and ask nicely they will accept payment by PayPal. They're not cheap, but they are very, very high quality.

www.airoliver.de (also http://www.saveexpress.de/save/index.php) is a mostly vanilla supplier of a vast range of incontinence products but they also carry Suprima - and Seufix. The overalls are rather hidden away - it's best to search for Suprima 4707. Suitable Segufix locks (not supplied with the overalls) are in the same general section, but I would strongly recommend using Sévo 2cm locks instead: much more comfortable.

Based in Germany, Airoliver are easy to work with and will ship almost anywhere in the world. Their online ordering system works well. Shipping to the UK usually takes 5-10 days for good-size parcels and, at least within the EU, it seems to be a standard ~30 euro charge irrespective of weight. So, buy big stuff!

Oh, and if anyone wants to try diapers (great for humiliation or long-duration restraint) then their Kolibri Comslip Supra diapers are probably the most absorbent in the world...

Hope this is useful info ** Shackle **


Punishing suit with full hood by GUWI. Available in rubber coated cotton fabric it has  chains at wrists, thighs, ankles, neck and waist. Includes 8 chains and locks. Price circa Euro 309

Strafanzug mit Vollhaube. Abschliessabr an Handgelenken, Fesseln, Oberschenkeln, Hals und Taille. Inklusive 8 Ketten und Schlösser. SONDERPREIS FÜR FOLGENDE MATERIALIEN: Bettstoff statt EURO 441,00 jetzt nur EURO 309,00

Link by clicking -> Bild und weitere Infos


English Maids Straight Jacket Dress:

This 'nightmare' was developed for all cross-dressing and  straitjacket fans! Under the finely shining layer of black and white satin and the wonderful, handmade frills, the nightmare  itself hides. The sleeves  have closed ends making a true straitjacket. A row of buttons are used to hide a very firm and sturdy closing zipper, which ends at the neck. The collar is very stiff leather effectively forming a neck corset which is trimmed with further frills. The dress consist of satin outer and an interior layer of heavy black canvas. From the inner sleeves 3 nylon straps extend and are used to provide normal security or can be linked to form a 'mono glove' type arrangement. here are also other belts fixed around the dress to give many securing possibilities. The lower skirt frill has a hidden belt under the frill which can be used to further reduce movement and there are even  2 hidden walking belts which ensure removing the dress is impossible.

The only problem we can see is how do you get any work done???? Just the thing for your next party????? http://www.zwangsjacken.com/   

Fetware say these locking plastic pants were originally designed for institutions, where unauthorized removing of diapers was prohibited. Doubt that as they are not all that secure which we are sure they would be if the medical profession had anything to do with the design! Fetware go onto say that the only way to remove these pants without destroying the garment is by unlocking the brass lock with one of the 3 keys.  Cut is full. Soft fabric waistband covers sturdy linked chain. All very good but low security and access to the genitals is possible. For something this price we are also concerned how long they are going to last. Can you give us an up date?  http://www.fetware.com/locking_pants.htm $50 - $60 US

Other suppliers worth looking at - http://www.plastic-pants.com/big/lockpants.htm

These lockable pants from GUWI,  are much stronger than the normal PVC ones (see above) being made from rubber coated cotton fabric. They usually supplied with chains through the waist and leg loops but this pair have been modified with locking belts from Humane Restraints for a better more secure fit. Now they keeps little busy fingers out of restricted areas. Don't you just love inventive people? ;-) (Sent in by Lord Grey) Euro 76,00 + straps

Link by clicking -> Strafhosen

Big thank you to James for sending this in-

Here's something I thought you might like to see at it is sold as  'Locking Clothing'.

Apparently, a major Korean underwear manufacturer is now selling locking briefs for men and women.


We can't read Korean, and don't know if these intended as novelty items.
They certainly don't seem sturdy enough for serious use. Can any one of you help?

James goes onto say that, that there's an article on the garments at:


He can't read Korean either (and the Google online translator is pretty awful). Perhaps one of you could visit this link and can offer a detailed description of these garments.


A pair leather of 'coveralls' for a very special kind for the lady! With Made in the softest black leather with a V top. The open lattice sleeves add an interesting designer look to the suit. A special feature of the suit are the restraint pockets into which the wears hands can be firmly secured and then covered from view by two flaps. In the pockets are loops for the wearers finger fingers to be inserted and then held there firmly by a securing strap around each wrist. If the wearers fingers are in the loops, and are wrist straps firmly fastened, then the wearer can not pull the hands from the pockets, nice! With everything fastened and the covering flaps snapped into place the total restraint of the wearer can not be detected!

Price: Euro 658. made to measure from O G Style, Postfach 30 70 D-64625 Bensheim

TEL. (0049) (0) 6251 -788689


Thank you again to James for the following.


I've since found some other "locking" clothing, this time in Japanese catalogues for nursing goods. They appear to be jumpsuit-style pyjamas with various fastening styles.



The first appears to have a covered zipper with the tab removed (the zipper is too stiff to operate without a special hook-like instrument).

The second uses a tricky push-button cover flap. The last one has a key-lockable zipper.

This company appears to sell similar jumpsuits (but some have the zipper in the back for extra security):


David's page of locking clothing on this site can accessed via this page HERE . It shows a number of locking suits and other items, many of which also use the the above zipper. Very effective and well made.

Thanks again to James for the following:

This probably wouldn't count as "locking" clothing, but you might want to have a look at swimsuits designed for female water-polo players.

Water polo is a rough sport; players are known to indulge in lots of unseen underwater grappling, kicking and scratching. It's not uncommon for female players to have their swimsuits torn off.


So, some suppliers are now offering specially-designed swimsuits with:

- Thicker fabric and extra stitching. Some have nylon net inserts around the arms and waist to prevent tearing.

- A sleeker, high-neck cut with a back zipper (to eliminate any grabable straps).

- A very tight fit (to prevent an opponent from getting a hold in the neck, arm or thigh openings).

- A reverse zipper that closes downward from the neck to the waist. The zipper slide goes into a tiny elastic pocket in the small of the back (to make it difficult for an opponent to unzip the wearer).

hese features may make it very difficult for the wearer to get the suit off without help (even harder if the zipper tab was removed, like with the Japanese pyjamas). The tight fit and tear-proofing may also make it hard for her to reach inside the suit without removing it.

But unlike anti-undresser jumpsuits and pyjamas, a tight-fitting swimsuit certainly wouldn't look out of place on someone with a figure to show it off on. ;-) It could even be used to hold other toys in place, or worn as underwear under street clothing with pantie hose (tights).


Speedo Endurance

The official suit of the US Water Polo team. Slick skin fabric adds comfort and function, more difficult for opponents to grab. Hi-neck with zipper back styling provides full coverage.
http://www.speedousa.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/products.detail/categoryID/77c4c268-e511-4cfa-b525-25e8b624213b/productID/14b02977-b081-4db3-9237-ee9f5d095249/ (Is this our longest link?)


Thanks to Lord Grey for the following - Nov 2005

I just stumbled over the new Product of Suprima-Herzlieb and saw that they now make a coverall with the Segufix magnetic locks. As usual, it’s a half-baked solution as the zipper between the legs is only secured with a buttoned rubber flap thru a thread loop of the zipper handle. Everyone even with learning difficulties can open that. But maybe you want to take a look on it.

Suprima Mod 4707



Sent in by Ralf 7/1/10

An overall in Dyneema..? Quite pricy, but I bet that not even Hulk will be able to tear it apart.. ;)

Dyneema®, is claimed to be the world’s strongest fibre. Dyneema® is a super strong polyethylene fibre that offers maximum strength combined with minimum weight. It is up to 15 times stronger than quality steel and up to 40% stronger than aramid fibres, both on weight for weight basis. Dyneema® floats on water and is extremely durable and resistant to moisture, UV light and chemicals. The applications are therefore more or less unlimited.

I am unsure if it is actually lockable, but from the picture it looks like it is.


This sleep sack and a number of variants they make are certainly lockable

More information on the above and the rest of the range - click HERE



DO YOU HAVE ANY FAVOURITES NOT LISTED HERE?  If so please send details to theinstitute@blueyonder.co.uk 


  Just wanted to drop a line telling you I have the PX:Direct jumpsuit as well as many other jumpsuits designed to make sure I use my diapers for their intended use.  Of the jumpsuits I own, buck and buck designs are the most effective without locks. The sleeveless designs are very difficult, but not impossible to get to because the zipper ends in the middle of the scapulas, making reaching them difficult.  The px:direct suit is the most secure.  Once locked on, it will not come off without unlocking it.  The suit is very secure because the material it is made of is actually quilted, meaning it is difficult if impossible to tear.  The only problem is the size.  They only make one size and that is for someone who is taller and heavier than my 5'10" 200 lbs frame meaning I can pull my arms into the suit to play with myself.  But that being said, if my arms are locked to my belly chain or if i have a locking chain around my waist, that problem is no longer a problem.
  I also own jumpsuits from other companies made for Alzheimer's patients.  Most have good things and bad things associated with them, but my favourite company remains buck and buck designs because they have several styles including a bloomer dress.  All of their outfits can be modified easily and they are very good to work with.  Just remember, they are not a fetish company.

As promised, here are the measurements of the (Editor -PX-Direct) jumpsuit.  I put the jumpsuit out flat to measure it.  It lays flat very easy and was probably made that way.  The inseam is 31 inches.  36 inches from the back of the neck to the crotch is 36 inches.  It is 27  inches from armpit to armpit (Editor -54" Chest).  26 inches from one side of the waist to the other.  The length from the top of the shoulder to the bottom of the pants is 64 inches.  So there you go.  All measurements are made with the garment flat on the table.  It fits me very well but I roll the legs up about two inches.  When I am wearing it and have it locked on, I can not take it off.  Diapers are a must.  There is no using the bathroom until it is unlocked.  One of these days, I'll get some pictures done and send the to you. (Thank you for your help Jackie and we look forward to seeing the pictures soon Lady A)

From JC I saw the "locking clothing" part of "The Institute" website (which invites input/comments). My wife bought, for me, a women's long leg all - in - one piece girdle (which has shoulder straps & a built in bra section); then she sewed in 2 very thick fabric loops (like belt loops), on each side - @ the top of the zipper (located @ the upper back). After having me put it on, she locked a small padlock thru the 2 loops, & thru the hole in the zipper tab. Thus, there is absolutely no way that I can remove the special girdle garment; until she unlocks the padlock (even then, it is nearly impossible for me to reach to my upper back area, to unzip the zipper). Of course; she orders me to wear a diaper & plastic panties, under the girdle; since it is usually many hours until she decides to unlock me.  This is a very effective "locking" garment; which the additional emotional features of humiliation & domination (a male locked into a women's girdle & bra; & having to also wear a diaper & plastic panties)!  She is in complete control over me!

Follow up letter from JC My wife bought my panty girdle from: "Lady Grace" http://www.ladygrace.com/ (look under category: "all - in - ones"). There are several different ones - all "suitable" for forced domination (my wife is good w/sewing, thus modified my panty girdle w/adding 2 "belt loops") - to put a padlock thru, & also thru a zipper (with an oversized tab -having a hole in the tab - large enough for the small padlock to go thru), which she sewed into the upper back (not difficult to do, for those who know how to sew, as my wife does). P.S. She didn't tell me, ahead of time, what she was up to; when the girdle arrived in the mail, I just assumed she bought it for herself; & when she was sewing/modifying it - I still didn't have a clue that she was preparing it, for me - to lock me into it! She did have a "wry smile", when I asked her why she was sewing/modifying it; but she just said: "this is just the way that I want it to be"; w/o disclosing to me that she was making what amounts to a "chastity-belt/girdle" (I can't even masturbate, when she locks me into it), to lock me into, whenever she decides to dominate me (which is more & more often, lately). By also making me wear a diaper & plastic panties under it; she is in "total control"; & I can't plead with her that I need to be unlocked, to go to the bathroom; since the diaper makes that "unnecessary", as she puts it! 
P.S. There are numerous letters online @ "Petticoat Discipline Quarterly" - from women who force their husband/boyfriend/son into either a diaper (Nappy - in England, where this is headquartered) and/or coresttes/panty girdles; petticoats, bras, slips, skirts, panties- ("knickers", as they call them in England), dresses & other feminine clothing - a very interesting website!
RJack Posted: 13 Oct 2005 12:17 PM Re: Hospital Diapers
If you are in a "regular" hospital, most will allow you to bring your own diapers; or to bring your plastic pants to wear over your own, or their disposable diapers. I was allowed to wear my plastic pants over their disposables (most all hospitals use cheap disposables). It mat be a different situation if you are in a "mental" hospital; instead of a "regular" hospital. A few years ago, I spent a couple weeks in a mental hospital, & they would not let me bring or wear my own diapers or plastic pants. I had to wear theirs; which were thick cotton reusable, with a very thick industrial type of plastic pants over their diaper. The plastic pants had heavy fabric belt loops sewn around the waist & a thick leather belt went thru the loops, & was pulled tight around my waist, & secured with a small padlock. When I asked why; they said that some incontinent mental patients would pull down/off their diaper & plastic pants & pee (or poop) on the floor, or furniture; if they were able to pull them down; thus all incontinent patients there were locked into their cloth diaper & plastic pants. They did change me on a regular basis, thankfully; but I could not even try to use the restroom, even if I wanted to. I am able to use the toilet (I have partial feeling of when I need to go), but I leak before I can get there, & also leak after I leave the restroom; & @ night I wet in my sleep w/o knowing it.

EARL H Posted: 13 Oct 2005 08:56 PM Re: Hospital Diapers
Hello RJack,
It seems a bit haunting, but I know your story is absolutely true for the following reasons::
My Father, was a inpatient at a Mental Health Home setting in Green Bay, Wi. and some of the "clients" were treated in this undignified way too, while others were in elcheapo briefs "wings", Dad included here. My inquiry to the nursing staff received the same answer that you provided here. Now for the reason I referred to the opening statement the way I did.
On October the 31st it will be 3 years to the day that My Dad {Earl H SR.] past away in the Home. So, Selfishness or not I'm writing this post in My Fathers Memory.
Take Care,
Earl H Jr. A.K.A. "Earl H"

J. Frank Pinell Posted: 14 Oct 2005 08:37 AM Re: Hospital Diapers
I didn't think those mental health units were that bad. I don't mean this the wrong way of course, but did you mean that literally when they actually put a lock on diapers? I knew they took certain precautions, of course, but I never thought they went THAT far! I just figured there'd be a difference between leaving some have a belt or be in charge of their own medication when you need that degree of watchfulness and locking people in their clothes.

RJack Posted: 14 Oct 2005 09:29 AMRe: Hospital Diapers
Yes, we were actually locked (with a small padlock) into the cloth diaper & plastic pants @ the mental hospital. I rule being to prevent patients from removing their diaper & plastic pants, and peeing or pooping on the floor, or on furniture; which some of them would have, if they could have removed their diaper & plastic pants. The staff was very good @ diaper changes, on a regular basis; but we had no way to use the restroom, if we wanted to. As I previously mentioned, I could (& can today) tell when I need to go; I just wet before I can get there, & again after I leave; thus need a diaper (even though some of the pee does get into the toilet, when I use it). When I was locked in, I just had to go in my diaper.
P. S. (add to my previous post) The cloth diapers at the mental hospital were very good quality & very absorbent; & staff changed them on a regular basis (preventing rash/sores); but, as stated, we were locked into them, to prevent removal, & since at least some patients would mess on the furniture, if they could; so all the incontinent patients were locked into them. If that's abusing - it's just the way they ran the place. They also used restraints on a common basis - I was put in them (ankles & wrists, strapped to a bed), when I left my room w/o permission, to try to get a nurse to give me pain medication (none had responded to my room bell). Also, many were electro-shocked, for part of their "therapy". The locking plastic pants were not the worst thing there, by a long shot! At least they had very high quality diapers & plastic pants for us (not cheap, leaky disposables)!