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Force Feeding

Take great care to prevent choking and the gag reflex!

Hi Lady Alex,

Came across this very useful little device for 'force feeding'. Only $4.95 but it can be made with a normal syringe and nipple for greater capacity. The ones I have made so far are 60ml and 100ml and both are just as effective as the store one.

Thanks for a great site, Betty



From the above site:

Brilliant:  Easy & Non-Threatening!  Without tasting the medicine it slips past the taste buds with this unique design incorporating 2 small holes that route medication away from the back of the throat thereby decreasing gag reflex reaction.

Determine Dose & Give Pacifier to Baby or Toddler  Newborn - 6 mo. have a natural instinct to suck & swallow.  Trying to administer medication by spoon or dropper is a difficult task & can cause improper dosage for the child leading to parental anxiety & a very unhappy baby.  This is the solution by providing a gentler & safer way to administer liquid medication to infants & small children.  Medical approved.




Dear Lady A
Thought you may be interested in favourite item of mine, a force feeding gag.
It started life as a pacifier shaped squeaky toy for dogs. It is made of thick rubber (about 3/16 of an inch) but is still pretty easy to squeeze. I drilled out the squeaker and put a connector for a tube and drilled 3 holes in the tip (so I cannot block out outlets with my tongue). I put in whatever I am to drink in a bad and gravity does the rest.
The pacifier bulb will fill up and liquid fills my mouth. The act of swallowing cause my mouth to clamp down on the bulb which squeezes the liquid out. This creates a natural cycle which causes me to drink down the liquid in pretty rapid order.

I make sure whatever I am drinking is properly liquefied. I used very runner Gerbers single grain oatmeal or run soap through the food processor (adding extra water) to make sure it it of the right consistency. I will also add water to baby food to make sure it will flow down well.
Michael H
Dear Sirs
I hope your visitors find the following useful? This Force Feeding Gag is very effective as it delivers to the rear of the wearers mouth. The delivery tube is  stiffened to prevent the wearers tongue from bending and so crimping the tube and perforated to again prevent the wearers tongue stopping the flow by blocking the main delivery exit. The gag is easily made if you have access to an electric drill and suitable sized twist bit sized just smaller than your delivery tube. Tip -Make sure you miss the main strap through the ball or use epoxy to re-secure if you hit it.
In the picture I have shown a gate valve being used to regulate the flow and I would recommend an enema container as the reservoir. Simple and very effective.
If you need any additional details please contact me.
Emma T

Suffragettes-Votes for Women
The Daily Mirror (UK) reports on Emmeline Pankhurst :-
I was sentenced to six weeks after I refused to be bound over to keep the peace.
Leaving Bow street court and Holloway waits. The prison reeks of the odours of generations and continues to be the stuffiest and draughtiest building I have ever been in.
The cells were about nine-foot high and either 13 foot long by 7 foot long or 10 foot long by 6 foot long. The cells vary in size in different parts of the prison.
The window is about four-foot by two foot and is place high, near the ceiling.
The bed is made of wood; the mattresses and pillow are filled with a kind of grass and are very hard. There is a pair of narrow sheets, two narrow blankets and a woollen quilt.
Fitted in the corner of the cell is a shelf. Upon this is a black tin pint pot for the prisoners gruel, a wooden spoon, wooden salt cellar, a piece of soap and a red card case containing an abstract of prison rules and a prayer card.
Underneath this, is a shelf on which the mattress is put, rolled up and fastened on a button and loop. Bedding folded in four and balanced on top of the mattress. All this the prisoner will be shown to do in the morning and expected to keep in order.
Intense coldness hangs in the air.
As a form of protest I refused to eat and go on hunger strike. For 92 hours I had eaten and drunk nothing. The hunger pangs only last about 24 hours and after that there is no so very desperate craving for food.
Weakness and mental depression take its place and great disturbances of the digestion divert the desire for food to a longing for relief from pain.
Often there is an intense headache with fits of dizziness or slight delirium. Complete exhaustion and feelings of isolation from earth mark the final stages of the ordeal.
My mouth became dry and cracked , my tongue swollen.
Soon a horrible rumour began to circulate. Prisoner it was widely believed, were being forced to eat by use of a rubber tube which was crammed down the throat into the stomach.
They are coming, coming the sound of the footsteps mingled with the raffle of the keys. Nearer, nearer thud in time with my heartbeat.
You can hear screams echoing around you, as you knew this was happening. Women cry out in warning: " No Surrender!" (Have Pity)
The cell door clanked and slammed open and wardresses came inside armed with forcible feeding apparatus.
The doctor said
" Listen carefully to what I have to say. Food has been brought for you and I will give you a last chance to take it of your own free will."
I see the glass of water and a bowl of thin milky gruel. Thirst was all embracing drive. I shut my eyes.
"Very well, I have no other course than to compel you to take food by force."
I was roughly pulled to my feet, a chair had been brought and I was made to sit down.
I clenched my teeth.
"Very well" he signalled to a group of wardresses, I was seized and held down, each one held an arm or my feet, they grasped my head back.
The doctor leant on my knees as he scooped over; I see hairs sprouting from his nose.
I shut my mouth, tightly. He tried all around my mouth with a steel gag to find an opening. He was annoyed at my resistance, broke into a temper and slapped my check, hard. I screamed! Quickly he pushed in the horrid instrument and prised open my mouth to its widest extent.
Ahhh! The pain was intense.
He pushed down the tube into my mouth, which seemed to me much to wide. The moment it touched my throat I began to choke and gagged. It was most painful with a burning, tearing sensation that stretched to the end of my breastbone, my eardrums see to be bursting like a waterfall. As he held the end of the funnel and poured a brownish milky liquid into it. My distended stomach heaved. Pain, sore throat, searing tender membrane burning, burning.
Thunder in my head. No more, No more, No more. But the pain increased as the tube was withdrawn as if a hand were wrenching out the back of my throat. My body revolts. Retching I spray my captors and myself with vomit.
The torture was barbaric; twice a day thereafter they fed me in this way.
I was not allowed to leave my cell as I am subject to "Hospital treatment"
Before long I heard the sounds of force-feeding in the next cell
It was almost more that I could bear, as the ghastly process was over
Silence hangs in the air with the musty meek odour.
Emily Davison In the evening the matron, two doctors, and five or six wardresses entered the cell. The doctor said "I am going to feed you by force." The scene, which followed, will haunt me with its horror all my life, and is almost indescribable. While they held me flat, the elder doctor tried all round my mouth with a steel gag to find an opening. On the right side of my mouth two teeth are missing; this gap he found, pushed in the horrid instrument, and prised open my mouth to its widest extent. Then a wardress poured liquid down my throat out of a tin enamelled cup. What it was I cannot say, but there was some medicament, which was foul to the last degree. As I would not swallow the stuff and jerked it out with my tongue, the doctor pinched my nose and somehow gripped my tongue with the gag. The torture was barbaric.
Perth Prison Doctor
"...The ladies would have to be restrained, their hands and legs would be tied or held and the nose and mouth clamped. The tube forced down and then left until they felt that they had to attempt to swallow this tube. This would require a number of people. I can't imagine anything more unpleasant than force feeding in these circumstances with the crude methods they were using in these days. Well in modern surgical practice we would pass a small fine-bore tube into the stomach , make sure it was there and with a willing, obliging patient we can feed that way. The ladies suffragette situation was entirely different and they probably used something just like this (a funnel with a tube attached). The ladies were unwilling, this had to be passed forcibly and it would get down only half-way down the gullet then the food was put in the hopper. To make sure the ladies didn't vomit it up or regurgitate it they tried to pinch their nose and they also put a gag on.