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Bisacodyl (modified)

Sent in by --Webwolf 20/10/2008

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Depending on the receiver's sensitivity and desired effects, between 25mg and 125mg in 2 quarts of warm/hot water - 50mg is a very good starting point to experiment from.  A patent on colon preparation suggests up to 45mg combined with 20cc of soap in the water, but no soap and extra bisacodyl is much gentler while still being just as effective.

Depending on the dosage, will go in extremely easily, then within 5-15 minutes cause exceptional urgency.  50mg will usually reach accident-inducing effects after about ten minutes, and the longer it's held, the stronger it works.  The enema should be taken on a dirty colon

The solution is very ineffective and generally unpleasant if the receiver is already clean - at least a couple days since the last enema is suggested.  Unlike many other solutions capable of causing quick accidents, this one does not cause residual irritation - the bottom will be relaxed, clean, and fuckable for any further anal activities.  Also very good if forcefully retained with an inflatable nozzle - this is needed to retain a good dose for very long time. 

The cheapest source of bisacodyl is dissolving tablets, with 5mg the available size.  For 50mg, drop ten tablets into a small plastic bottle with lid (I use a 4oz bottle that originally held glycerine, add a teaspoon or two of baking soda (needed to dissolve the coating on the tablets), fill the bottle with hot water (hottest your sink makes is generally good), let the baking soda dissolve, then put the lid on and shake frequently.  Small tablets (dulcolax, fleet, alophen, etc) dissolve much quicker (~5 minutes) and more completely than larger (correctol, etc) ones, and since they both contain the same 5mg, get the little ones.  The mixture will tend to settle out, so shake the bottle and pour it into the bag just before using it, and rinse the bottle into the bag, rather than letting it sit before getting started.

Have fun testing it!

First modification

Hi All,

We've, or I should say my sub wife has tried a type of  Bisacodyl (modified) recipe and I for one was very impressed. My sub normally has very good control but this broke her completely and it worked very effectively.

Measure 80mls of water into a microwave proof jug or similar and then microwave the contents. Do not boil. Add a teaspoon of baking soda, the tablets for the desired strength (I used 12) and using a wooden spoon, stir/crush until well dissolved. Leave unlit you can stand the temperature. You want warm not hot. Stir the liquid well and then fill your syringe which has been fitted with a rectal catheter of your choice. Shake the syringe well, insert the catheter into your subs anus, emptying the contents as deeply and quickly into your subs bowels as you can.

If you like to hear a sub plead administer the enema just before you go out say for a walk or restrain him/her well. In both cases a nappy is a must as there is a very good chance they will need its protection even if you weaken and give them permission to use the toilet.

The effects and timings are very close to the high volume recipe that Webwolf sent in, just much less volume to manage and/or contain

By the way have you seen this very effective and relatively cheap toy - The 'Swiss Enema Kit'. £22.47 available from Mediquip (ed See left for pictures and links.)

Sent in by --Keith and sue 20/10/2008


Coffee Enema

Coffee enemas are supposed to have a beneficial effect of sorts for "toning" and alleviating cold symptoms and should be retained for twenty minutes.

Regarding brewing the coffee solution: from a two-quart liquid measure, pour two quarts water into a sufficiently large saucepan and bring to a brisk boil, then add the ten rounded tablespoons of ground coffee. Stir and continue to boil for five minutes. Remove from heat and allow to steep for an additional five minutes. Pour it back into the liquid measure through a strainer and add the ice cubes to accelerate cooling and replace the portion of water that evaporated while boiling. 

Additional note: coffee enemas are most effective when preceded with an initial cleansing enema (Castile soap or similar), then a tap water rinse.

Milk and Molasses

One of the most powerful enemas that I have experienced is the "milk and molasses" enema ("M&M," for short). Use equal amounts of milk and the "blackstrap" variety of molasses (it is a strong-flavoured type often used in baking). You won't need a large volume; a pint of each would be sufficient. Put the milk in a saucepan and bring to a boil, then add the molasses, remove from heat, and stir thoroughly. The molasses being added will reduce the temperature somewhat and when the mixture cools to about 105 degrees, it is ready to administer.

For a powerful enema, this one is worth the little extra effort. Your bowels will react almost immediately and it will be extremely difficult to hold for long. Use a double inflatable cath.


Emma S - Well I agree with it being hard to hold. Without a double inflatable caths I would say impossible. It made me feel like I was pregnant again. Overall not as nasty as some but the mixture certainly went to work on my insides. Girls please note that if you make a mixture of a pint of each you will have around 2800kcal of energy being forced up your butt!
Molasses is a sugar so a thorough cleaning of all our equipment took a little longer than normal but the bathroom did smell pleasantly sweet during expulsion (blush). Holding difficulty 4 Cramps 3
Milk and Honey

2 cups milk
16 oz. honey 
4 egg whites

Blend ingredients, then heat in a small saucepan to 105 degrees. Very nice for punishment, heavy cramping.

123 Enema 3 ounce of Castor oil
6 ounce of glycerine
6 ounce of Mineral oil 
2 quarts of 105 degree water

Mix all ingredients thoroughly and administer immediately. 123 gush!

Olive Oil

Take 8ozs of olive oil and administer through a squeeze nozzle. Then take a 2 quart warm water enema. Get up and move around and retain the enema solution as long as possible. The oil will travel high up into the colon. Lay back down just before letting it out, so that the oil will move down the colon area some what ,then let it out. It is recommended that you retain this as long as possible for best results.  It should result in a very good clean out.

Ivory Soap

I use 1/4 of a bar of Ivory bar soap grated and dissolved in one cup 105 degree water-- when dissolved, I strain it through metal coffee filter, and add two teaspoons baking soda and two teaspoons table salt and enough warm water(105 degrees) to make two quarts. Pour it into the bag-- and then siphon fill the bag to as full as you can get it--about three quarts

Administer it slowly. 

Rinse with 1 teaspoon of baking soda added to 1 quart of warm water.


First take two cool, plain water enemas.

Mix 2 to 4 tablespoons of Palmolive Green Original Dish Soap in 2 quarts of 105 degree water.  Administer steadily.

Has a rapid and violent action.

Lemon Juice

Two ounces of lemon juice per quart of 105 degree water.  If this is your first time with lemon juice, use less.  Cramping.  May induce violent expulsion.

Lemon Juice is said to help dissolve faecal masses. Use 1/3 cup real-lemon per quart, similar to a lemonade recipe. It also dramatically enhance cramping in most people so consider lemon-juice enemas if cramping is your bag.

Marshmallows Take one or two plain water enemas first to get clean inside.

While they are soft and fresh, place a dozen marshmallows in a bowl of warm water.  Let sit for about ten minutes or so.  They will get slick on the outside.

Slide them up the butt one at a time, and wait for cramps to begin.  It may take ten to fifteen minutes.  After a while you won't be able to hold them any more.

Rinse with a plain water enema.

Garlic & Epsom salts

3 cloves of chopped garlic in 1 quarts of water.  Simmer for 5 minutes. Strain.  Add 2 Tbs. Epsom salt.  Cool to 105 degrees by adding cool water.  Check temperature with thermometer.  

Very purging.

Salt and Soda

1 Tbl. sea salt 
1 Tbl. baking soda
2 quarts of 105 degree water.  Mix well.  Administer gently.

Mae West Enema Brew 4 T coffee to 2 quarts of water.  Cool to 105 degrees.  Add1 Tbl. sea salt 
1 Tbl. baking soda
Administer gently.  
Yogurt Begin with a plain water enema of at least two quarts. Retain as long as possible.   After expelling this, mix 1 cup of plain yogurt with 1 quart of warm water.  Administer, and hold for as long as you can.  Expel, then rinse with plain warm water.  Do just before bedtime.  Very soothing.

Boil 1qt. of water then add 6 Chamomile tea bags. Stop boiling, cover and let stand for no more that 10 minutes. Cool down with another quart of plain water, then add to the bag. If you can take it with a colon tube so as to get it high up and take it slow. Retain for at least 20 minutes or longer. Rinse afterwards not right away. I wait about a hour to rinse. Feel great for days afterwards. 

Alcohol Alcoholic beverages are also used sometimes. Beer, wine, and hard liquor are possible choices. The recipient will get very drunk, very fast this way and will not be able to avoid intoxication. There is the very definite possibility that the recipient will pass out while the solution is still going in, and you can die from alcohol poisoning. If you feel the definite urge to experiment with alcohol in the solution, it is suggested that you start with beer. Leave it out in a bowl for a while to let some of the gas out. It does create a sensation of pressure and causes cramping. It really makes the recipient feel like they need to expel. Use a double inflatable caths and add less than 1/4 teaspoon to 3/4 cup of water. You let it go in, then add another 3/4 cup of just water. This feels like at least 6 cups of water. It's great mind fuck if you team it up with rubbing a deep heat cream around the genitals.
Glycerine Liquid Glycerine injected directly in the anus is very, very  effective. It can be purchased over the counter in the UK in BP form - very cheap. Mix it with warm water if you want a high volume hard to hold enema. Also available as suppositories over the counter.
Hell-brew I

Submitted by Robert H

1/2 cup of castor oil
3/4 cup of clear Ivory dish soap
2 litres of nearly frozen caffeinated soft drink
(Mountain Dew, Coke, Pepsi, etc.)

Mix the castor oil and dish soap together well, then slowly add to the very chilled soda. Shaking the oil and soap together will work,but you don't want suds. The soft drink is best if already added tothe enema bag, and the oil/soap mixture slowly poured in. You are trying to maintain as much of the carbon dioxide in the soda as you can.

A double inflatable cath tip or butt plug is used to hold this brew inside for full effect. This mixture causes incredible cramping. Like someone is using a dull hook and slowly ripping out your intestines. The cold gives a very penetrating pain deep into the body. The castor oil make you need to
get rid of it VERY bad, and the dish soap irritates the intestines and hurts like hell. The caffeine in the soft drink keeps you VERY alert to everything, and the carbon dioxide in the soda makes you get massive gas cramps.
Hell-brew II

Submitted by Robert H

Stage 1 - 2 pints (1 l) of cool, or mildly warm water
1/2 cup (115 g) of baking soda
Stage 2 - 1 Pint (0.5 l) of cool water,
1 oz (30 ml) of regular household cider or white vinegar

A baking soda enema is one of the more soothing and pleasant. So this one comes as quite the surprise to some poor sub. Start out with about 1 quart (1 l) of cool, or mildly warm water. The first part isn't supposed to hurt, and to keep him off guard. Mix about 1/2 cup (115 g) of baking soda (Arm & Hammer, or similar) into the solution prior to administration. You will need a good plug or inflatable cath tip, however, so make sure he is plugged well, and he'll need to be restrained because he's going to be getting wild in a hurry when you begin the second part. After the solution has been in him a while (say, about 5-10 minutes), it's time for the "fun." You now add another solution to his enema. This one is about a pint (0.5 l) of cool water, with about 1 oz (30 ml) of regular household cider or white vinegar. Make sure you close it off tight once it's in, because it's going to want to come out pretty quick. This one you need to be a little careful with. Don't play around with the mixture combination too much.
Alister J - This should be called, There She Blows. We changed stage two a little and used lemon juice (another acid) in place of the cider/vinegar. When the lemon hits the  baking soda it causes the generation of carbon dioxide gas and its the resultant pressure build up which you have to deal with. My sub lasted about 1min 30sec before he was screaming for release from the restraints. There is no way you will hold this for much longer even with a double inflatable cath so take easy clean up precautions over a wide area or do it in the tub. You will need to release the pressure quickly to prevent harm. Don't mess with the solution strength until you have tried it and if you want my advise go for a weaker solution in part 2. You will still get the effect but you will be able to hold it (slightly!) longer. This enema has been added to my subs punishment list. Holding difficulty 5 Cramps 5
Duckies Punishment Enema


This requires a lot of effort but it is very well worth it when used as a punishment.

First administer 2 very high volume enemas (3 quarts), the first plain water (chilly preferably) and the second, water with 6 tablespoons of Palmolive dish soap (very sudsy)...hold the first for about 15 minutes and the second for about 45 minutes.

Then, if your sub can handle more, give 1 quart of lemon juice with one quart of water, use a very large plug (if available) for added discomfort and hold for 90 minutes.

Rinse thoroughly.

Flenemaguy's Combo



I enjoyed reading your enema recipes.  Here is one that you didn't have. 
Purchase a prepared Fleet enema which is nasty enough in its own right.
You can empty the contents of the four ounce bottle.
Add liquid glycerine to the bottle.
Now administer to your sub.
Follow this by inserting a double balloon nozzle and inflating both balloons immediately.
The sub will start to cramp almost immediately.
The liquid glycerine will cause some pretty severe cramps. 
If you want to prolong this experience for you sub then administer a large enema pushing the glycerine well up into their colon.  This will cause severe cramps throughout their abdomen. 
Make sure you have a gag on your sub, since this will cause them to scream.
You can create a variation of this solution by only emptying half of the Fleet mixture and then adding the 2 ounces of liquid glycerine.  This will cause intense cramps so make sure you plug the anus with a double balloon nozzle.  Follow up with a 103 F. enema.  Your sub will be screaming as the enema flows deeper into them.
Do you have anymore ideas for a good punishment enema? 


Head & Shoulders
May 2006

Warm water and Head & Shoulders "Refresh" shampoo (no substitutes) in about a 4:1 ratio causes almost immediate contractions (cramps). This must be administered with an inflatable cath; otherwise, it would be expelled almost immediately., Very effective.

Club soda and cinnamon oil
May 2006


I am very much into enema play, and have a recipe for you which is considered the most intense by my sub.
Fill a large enema bag with a liter bottle of room-temperature club soda. Add to it 10 drops of pure cinnamon oil (available in the baked goods section, or spice stores). Carefully rock the bag to distribute the cinnamon oil without creating fizz from the club soda.
Administer the enema very slowly and gently. an inflatable cath is absolutely necessary with this mixture. Pressure will build up immediately, followed by heat from the cinnamon oil.
My sub has not been able to retain this mixture more than 5 minutes without screaming, so be aware of that. Expulsion will be violent, with a residual burning that will last for an hour.
The club soda and cinnamon oil mix causes EXTREME cramping.  
Club soda is a soft drink closely related to soda water, except that it contains a small amount of salt for flavour. Sometimes, however, club soda is used as a synonym for soda water; see that article for details.
Oil check enema

Lady Joy

June 2006

The Oil Retention enema is an injection of about 4-8 fl. Oz. of mineral oil (liquid paraffin, Paraffinum Liquidum, baby oil), vegetable oil or olive oil. It is held in the colon for 1 hour or more before a soapy water enema is given. The soapy water enema can be very strong because the oil will protect the colon from irritation. The oil coats the lining of the colon, and also softens the bowel contents, making for a spectacularly powerful evacuation.  When the oil is in the colon, do not be fooled by a sub saying that it feels like it has the urge to expel wind. If it do so, it will expel a blast of dirty oil  with it, and it will be very messy. If your sub must absolutely must pass wind,  get it into the knee-chest position for one minute, and then hold a piece of toilet paper over the anus, to prevent the release of the oil. Do not let the sub expel the oil before taking the soapy water enema. This last part is optional especially if you like nappy play. You will need to give at least three soapy enemas to remove all trace of the oil, or dirty oil will leak out of the sub anus for about 12 hours.  Iím sure you do not need any more of a hint than fit a nappy and save some soap? Your sub will not be able to stop the leaking.

The Physiology Of Alcohol Enemas

Author: Jay Wiseman © 1998, author of "SM 101: A Realistic Introduction
used with permission

When we drink alcohol (or take medications) by mouth, and they are absorbed into our loodstream, they are taken by a network of veins called the portal venous system directly to our liver and usually at least partially metabolized. This is called "first-pass effect." The veins of the stomach, small intestine, and most of large intestine drain via the portal venous system. 

However, there are two small veins at the very end of the rectum (called the middle and inferior rectal veins) that drain _directly_ into the veins of the systemic circulatory system -- thus, anything absorbed via this route goes directly into the main circulation without being subjected to first-pass effect. 

I'm not sure that anything absorbed via rectum is in fact absorbed significantly more quickly (I might be wrong about this) but something aborbed via the last few inches of the rectum -- remember, most of the large intestine is drained via the portal venous system -- does reach the systemic circulation without having been subjected to first-pass effect and is thus in a more unmetabolized, and thus often more potent, state. 

It's worth remembering that alcohol is indeed something of a poison and if you take too much too quickly it can be directly fatal. This typically occurs when one's blood alcohol reaches about the 0.4% level -- with 0.1% or 0.08% usually considered the upper limit of alcohol level compatible with the ability to drive without being significantly intoxicated. 

Alcohol taken by mouth has something of a very primitive protective mechanism in that the more intoxicated one becomes the harder it is to continue to drink, and this makes it difficult to ingest a fatal amount if one drinks relatively slowly. (Alcohol is absorbed more rapidly by a relatively empty stomach and more slowly by a relatively full stomach. It should be noted that various cheeses have something of a "coating action" on the lining of the stomach and thus are particularly effective in slowing the rate of alcohol absorption.) Alcohol given by enema obviously lacks this "safeguard" and can even be given to an unconscious person. 

Most of the case reports of fatalities I have heard of that were related directly to the toxic effects of alcohol -- as opposed to intoxication-induced injuries, aspriation of vomit, etc. -- were due to binge drinking where the person drank a large amount all at once by mouth (I once saw a half-gallon-sized beer mug with "I bet you can't" printed on it; personally, I found that a rather chilling sight, and maybe a future wrongful-death lawsuit looking for a place to happen) or was given a large amount of alcohol
by enema. Fraternity initiations account for a large percentage of such cases. 

As an entirely separate issue, it's worth keeping in mind that a "substantially" intoxicated person is considered unable to meaningfully consent to sexual activity. It's very well established in law that getting someone too intoxicated to understand what is happening to them and then having sex with them is rape. (How the authorities would regard someone's giving "prior consent" to becoming intoxicated and then participating in sex and/or BDSM, I dunno.) 

If one decided to experiment with an alcohol enema, it would be wise to keep in mind that it could go into the system of the recipient in a more potent state (and that once it's in it cannot be removed except by being metabolized) and adjust both the dosage and the rate of administration accordingly. 


Jay Wiseman 

Mr Wiseman's Website For Submissive Women: Submissive Women Kvetch

Copyright issues footnote: I wrote this article with the hope that it would be widely read and distributed, and without any particular expectation of financial compensation in return for writing it. Therefore, I consent to the following uses of this essay: 
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Laxative information HERE Do you have any more? Any more treatment reports? If so please send them in.

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