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Following us receiving a mail from Harry reporting a dead link (thank you H) we have done some checking. It would appear that the good old FDA have pulled the plug for them. See  http://www.fda.gov/cdrh/safety/032505-vail.html for more information. We are going to keep the link just in case Vail put the site up again but it looks like bad news for genuine users but could be good news for players. Keep your eyes open for sales? If you see them please let us know and we'll post the details. Does anyone know of these beds or similar being use in the UK?
March 23, 2005
Enclosed beds manufactured by Vail Products were seized by U.S. marshals Tuesday after the FDA found that 30 people had been trapped in the beds, seven of whom died. Not to call light of the tragedy, but this sounds all too reminiscent of a horror-movie-script cum advice-your-mamma-told-you: Man eats in bed, Bed eats man.
I chatted with other docs in the office and neither they nor I had any idea that U.S. marshals enforced FDA edicts. We had some vague image of them riding around like mounted police, chasing fugitives and hiding whistleblowers needing new identities...
The FDA said it directed U.S. marshals to seize all finished Vail 500, 1000, and 2000 enclosed beds as well as components, labelling and promotional materials for those models
The Vail 500 & 1000 Enclosed Bed are currently being sold as safe alternative to restraints for both children and adult patients. Open, airy and easy to see through, they provide easy access from all sides and accommodates IV lines and bedside equipment.82" long, 39" wide, 72" high
The Vail 1000 comes complete with mattress, adjustable bed and enclosure. It is roughly the size of a twin bed at 82" long, 39" wide and 72" high. The Vail 1000 is resistant to bacteria, fire, fluid, stains and odours, and the canopy, bed skirt and frame covers are machine washable in cold water.
82" long, 39" wide, 72" high
Available in 6 colours. Pink, light blue, mint green, dark blue, yellow and white.
Effective For: Disabled persons, victims of stroke or head injury, patients with Alzheimer's, seizures, mental retardation or self-abusive behaviours.
Safe for Patients: Reduce falls and injuries. Controls wandering. If correctly closed and secured the occupant can not escape.
Think that the Vail Enclosed Bed is untested? The Vail Enclosed Bed System is used everyday by some of the top hospitals, rehabs and other health care settings around the US.



SNI Safety Net Security System provides the patient with safety, comfort, and a sense of security.
Gently contains the patient within the environment, which is most conductive to their recovery-hospital, rehabilitation facility, nursing home, or home.
Permits the patient freedom of movement while granting complete access to their body within a secured environment.
Instils peace of mind in the caregiver.
Is a low cost alternative to providing around the clock surveillance.
Eliminates night wandering and injuries incurred by falling out of bed.
Is a more convenient and humane way to care for a neurologically impaired patient, while maintaining a safer, more secure environment for the caregiver.
Is safe for any age group - paediatric to geriatric.
Is engineered using the strongest available zippers, super soft knotless nylon netting, highest quality vinyl, and a sturdy steel frame, creating a durable yet comfortable environment.
Locking rings are supplied to ensure proper closure of the unit. (5a-c)
The frame is compatible to fit any bed and go through any standard doorway, home or hospital.


The CanopyTM Enclosed Bed is another alternative to traditional restraints and crib beds. It can give better range of motion to a patient who needs to be protected from falls or discouraged from getting out of bed unassisted.
The canopy is made from Staph-Check® healthcare fabric, making it bacteria resistant, fire retardent and stain resistant. It can be removed for washing and disinfecting. The large mesh panels are easy to unzip from all four sides for complete patient access. Equipment access ports allow the use of IV lines even when the bed is closed




Soma Safe Enclosure - The canopy again is constructed of a soft medical grade anti-bacterial nylon that prevents the patient from injury while still being strong enough to provide safety.
The netting is sized to prevent the patient from putting their fingers through it.
The netting is black in colour to improve visibility and prevent stains.
The frame is completely padded for patient safety.
The canopy can be laundered in a washing machine or hand wiped clean.
Strong locking nylon zippers prevent opening from the inside.
There are access ports for IV lines and catheters.
The canopy fits tight to the mattress to prevent patient entrapment.
The Soma Safe Enclosure can be used with or without a headboard and footboard.
Models are available with or without a bed.
Old style restraint bed. Note the slats on the top edges (6) for straps and fixed leather leg restraints(7).
910 (10 Note hole in catch for a padlock)
These cage beds and restraints were (are?) in use in the old Eastern Block countries. Padlocks are used to secure many of them (9). Note also the occupant in (9)wearing  what looks like a rear fastening and possibly locking suit.
Bed with mattress missing. Note head protector and surround rails which are used as restraint attachment points.
pxdirect - (16)The restraint bed is moulded in one piece and enclosed on all four sides.  Curved top for comfort.  Can be permanently attached through recessed base.  Two steel rods are fitted into the base recess and anchored every 10" to permit attaching restraints along full length of bed, according to the subject's height.  New model (17)from the same supplier  circa $1100
Adult sized crib
Another glory from the past
Harry Tasker's restraint bed. Link to his home page HERE
A DVD of 'the bed' is soon to be released. Contact Harry via harrytasker@gmx.com for more details.
Adult protective bed from Gunnell see links
28 Make not known. Do you know?

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The Utica crib was named for the New York State Lunatic Asylum at Utica where it was heavily used in the 19th century to confine patients who refused to stay in their beds. Based on a French design, the structure was modified to incorporated slats and rungs that gave it an appearance similar to a child's crib.

The New York State Lunatic Asylum at Utica had over 50 such cribs in the early 1880s

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This is believed to be a Pedicraft Crib or Hard Manufacturing. Both side rails raise and lower. The crib top will also raise and lower to completely enclose the crib. The crib is on wheels for easy transport, and three of the wheels lock.  The crib is constructed of stainless steel and has a fully waterproof matress. Weight of the bed is approximately 205 pounds.
The most photographed bed in the Manteno State Hospital?


  These two beds, and a few more interesting designs can be found on this Dutch manufactures site HERE

No prices unfortunately as they are made to to the buyers specifications

Sent in by Ralf 7/1/10

Swaddling Device

The makers say its easy to utilize, safe, and humane.

Multiple straps with hook and loop fasteners on arms, legs, chest, and lower torso.

One size fits over most single mattresses and thus becomes part of the bed oh, and its washable.

$431 ( Jan 2010 )                                                                                             42 Details HERE
 Sent in by Lord Grey 7/1/10

The Rot o Rest TM- therapy system supports the treatment of patients with a high risk of pulmonalen (ed - pulmonary?)  complications. The bed has rotation of up to 62˚ (CLRT) on both sides. No idea of the cost but you can read more HERE

Danke TP für das Senden der Informationen in 9/2/10