Your first purchase and must have. Before you start Bandage Scissors  - You never know when an unexpected problem may demand a quick release . Bandage scissors (safety scissors, EMT shears) have one blunt end that slips under the wrap material and reduces the chance of cutting the submissive. These are really handy to have around, and are inexpensive enough that you should have a pair anyway, for other scenes. They can be purchased at many chemists (drug stores) and all medical supply houses. Make sure you know where yours are before you begin to band.

Look for Paramedic scissors, Lister bandage scissors, safety scissors or  EMT shears if you are searching on the web or if you are lazy use one of the following links but this is an order, get some!



The following pictures were supplied by Gary (our thanks to him) and he is happy for to write to him if you have any questions or comments. Please do so using  and we will pass you e-mail on.

Hi Lady Joy!

I was surfing "banding stories" and this site came up. We, my wife and I, have been banding for about 5 years now. It still excites us to do it. Mostly I band myself but she has also banded me. We have a whole series showing her putting the band on my sac! We have also had sex while I was banded and it was awesome! I was surprised to see that you said your male panicked after only 5 minutes. I have been banded for as long as 45 minutes. Though when we started it was usually  5 or 10 minutes. The more you band the longer you can go and feel safe doing it. From what I understand the general rule and I stress general is that after 2 hours the bands have done what they are intended to!! I have lots of my banding pictures if you are interested. I've used up to 6 bands at one time, have the famous green ones and some orange ones, have banded with a catheter in and various other scenes. The orange bands were sent to me by a friend in the UK that I put in touch with a source for the banding pliers and bands. I have both styles of pliers like in your pictures but prefer the second set as they can be locked open, making it easier to get the testicles through. Nettles is something else I would love to try but have yet to find any.

Some more of my bandings!! In the series P101011 etc., if you look closely at the pictures you will notice that by picture P101017 the bands are a lot tighter!! That is how they work, the longer they are on the tighter they get!! (Ed Mmmm I like that idea) Also in the first picture you can see the type scissors I use. The last picture is of the orange bands from the UK and 2 different brands of green ones. The darker green ones are also from the UK and were sold as economy bands. Feel free to ask me about anything concerning any of these pictures and I hope you enjoy them. Maybe I'll see them on your site soon!!

Well here they are..........

Must haves
2 - Just think how many guys could loose their balls to you girls with this little lot? At under 2p a time very cost effective of keeping them under control.

Light green-USA. Dark green-UK. Orange-UK

5 6 7

8 - P101017

A light green (USA) band doing its job very effectively

9 - Very easy to fit if you have the right pliers. 10 - Fit the band onto the pliers. Grip and feed the balls through. Get the band nice and close to his body and release - simple! 11 12
13 14 - Cuff his hand behind him and let him have a go at removing your band himself if you want a laugh. 15 - Once you have the band on it will not come off unless it is cut and all the time it is doing its job and tightening more. Remind him of this as he pulls against his restraints and you search for your scissors. 16
17 - Get him to fit his own band then cuff his hands

 behind his back. Sit back and wait for the pleading.

18 - Nice and close to the body. We want a nice finish don't we? 19 20
21 - An orange (UK) band doing its job very effectively 22

Callicrate Bander Kit in action

23 Formed and cut band 24 Close up showing clip detail
25 Various preformed bands 26 Now that's not coming off! 27 28


I thought you ladies might get a chuckle out of this. One of the times I went to our local farm supply store to get a bag of elastrator bands there was a young lady of about 18 or 20 working the check out. Just as soon as she saw the bag she said "I know what those are for!!". I thought to myself with a smile no you don't!! And then she asked if I was tax exempt assuming I was a farmer. I said no that I had a hobby I used them for!! She replied that it must be some hobby. Again, little did she know!!


Thanks to Anne W for sending in the following text/drawing. (Colour picture from Gary)

EZE Castrator

Directions For Use:

  1. Get a bander and feel the power girl! Talk to your male and reassure him that he can not prevent what you are doing to him. Tell him exactly why you are doing it and explain each action as you carry out the following. (If you would like me to send you what I say please ask).
  2. Place clip (A) in the EZE Bloodless Castrator applicator as shown. It fits with the slots facing rearward. 
  3. Thread latex tubing through clip from back, form a loop large enough to fit around the male’s scrotum and bring tubing back through clip. Hook left side of tubing in slot (B) and then stretch tight to slot (C) on the left side of the applicator. Place the loop around the scrotum making sure both testicles are encircled. Don't want to miss one do we? Pull the tubing as tight as possible by hand and hook in slot (D).   
  4. Continue tightening by squeezing handle at rear of the applicator until the tubing flattens just behind the clip. Note: When tightening the loop, pull the applicator away from the scro tum and as you let the applicator back to the scrotum take up the slack by squeezing the pistol grip handle. Repeat 2 or 3 times or until the tubing is extremely tight. Squeeze front handles to secure the tubing in the clip.   
  5. Finish the procedure by cutting off the tubing at least 3 or 4 inches behind the clip while the tubing is stretched.   
  6. A tetanus vaccine injection is also recommended if going all the way. Applying pinetar to the scrotum will help protect from possible infection.   
  7. Make sure you have placed the clip in the clip hole correctly before threading the tubing.

A Few Tips For Using the EZE:

  1. Put the triangular stretched rubber ring as close to the testicles and as far below the belly as possible.   
  2. After cutting the rubber ring, inspect the clip to make sure it is holding the rubber ring correctly
  3. The tighter the rubber ring is on the scrotum the better the results will be. If swelling occurs below the rubber ring it is not tight enough. (Reband Immediately).
  4. It helps to have your male very well restrained, bending forward, with the legs spread and secured. He will fight when he knows what you are about to do. I he does not he's a ball less wonder and deserves to loose them anyway!
  5. After castration has been performed, drop time for scrotum to fall off is between 20 to 40 days. Some customers cut the scrotum off just below the clip in about 7 to 14 days.
  6. After some use the pullback rod may start to slip when tightening the band. Loosen the lock nut on the ¼ inch screw, above and in front of the handle. Turn in one or two turns.
Callicrate Smartbander more information here


These from Bill [b****@**.**.com]

31 July 2005

Here are my pictures of my banding. I don't do my balls so much as I do my cock. Enjoy and do with the pictures what you like. Thanks


Thanks to you Bill for these and the others you sent in

Double banded

Good tip this