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by Lady Joy

As far back as anyone can remember people have thought it satisfying and entertaining to lop cocks and balls off in retribution for everything from rape and infidelity to choosing the wrong side in a third world coup. In recent times, the most famous incident of vengeful is the 1993 unmanning of John Wayne Bobbitt. Lorena Bobbitt, fed up with being abused by by good old John, decided to inflict a little damage of her own. So she sliced off his penis, hopped in the car, and flung the estranged member to the winds as she burned rubber down the road.

The bobbed member, found laying along side the road, was successfully reattached and even surgically enhanced with the resultant super penis later available for viewing in such films as John Wayne Bobbit Uncut. John Wayne is not alone in his Frankenpenis condition however, contemporaries from Thailand to Warsaw have had their weenies sewn back on after an impassioned severing at the hands of others (or themselves). But not all such tales end so happily however. In 1987, for example, the wife of Hong Kong resident Lin Yuk-sang, snipped off his penis with a pair of scissors and flushed it down the toilet. Motive? Yuk-sang had been entertaining a mistress on the side.

No doubt the Victorian analyst Sigmund Freud would have felt vindicated by this flurry of penile castration. According to Freud, most women resent their own lack of a penis and therefore unconsciously long to lop their lover's schlong off. Naturally feminists have sneered at this suggestion, accusing Freud of projecting his own issues on to his patients and onto women in general. And scholars of castration history have scratched their heads over Freud's obsession with penis chopping since historically it was the balls, not the penis that was associated with castration.

But as Lorena and other cutting women have demonstrated, Freud was obviously onto something. Women were becoming disillusioned with society's reverence of the penis. But what 19th and 20th century women were really peeved about was less the lack of a penis than the lack of all the privileges that went with the penis.

After hundreds of years of being told "I'm sorry dear, but you don't have a penis -- sit down, shut up, and spread your legs," the female gender got rightly uppity and began demanding the vote, equal pay, contraception, and finally even orgasms. So in a sense, Freud was right -- a lot of women really did want to cut the penis down to size. (Of course some more literally than others.)

Once upon a time however, in the lands of the Mediterranean and the Middle East, women discovered that the mighty penis was a mighty fine friend -- if you instead cut it down to size by removing its sperm sacks. Ironically enough, while rich men and sultans were paying top dollar for de-balled slaves to guard their harems from penile intrusion, the women of the harem were discovering that men who were made Eunuch after puberty could still get it up. And what's more, a woman could fool around with eunuchs as much as she wanted, without getting pregnant. (Although getting caught could be a death sentence, especially for the eunuch.)

OK so where am I going with this? In BDSM mind fucks are superb scene setters and the threat of castration one really focus a males mind. I'm not advocating doing a Lorena with a sharp knife but banding. Many people play and fantasise  with an elastrator the instrument used in banding, among other things and as long as we keep it on that level we will be OK. But banding if used incorrectly and long enough it could be extremely painful and dangerous. . The little rubber rings can be used for many things if you have an inventive mind including nipple grips and even decorative rope whippings. However, the elastrator comes into its own when used for its intended purpose- emasculation. 

The specially compounded rubber ring is easily put in place with the Elastrator. Remember if left there the circulation is shut off, and any sensation passes quickly as the part becomes numb, and would eventually fall off. Remember this is a play scenario so keep it brief if at all. The threat and a demonstration of the bander stretching the little ring is often enough. I think the longest my male could stand stand it was about 5 minutes before he started to panic. I do remember having a very difficult time getting his balls through the little band (5 x 3cm's) the first time until I realized I should do them one at a time. When you have got his balls through, pull the sack through so the band nestles nice and close to his body. Slowly release your grip on the bander and as the jaws close watch his eyes open as he realises what has been done to him and that he can't get it off. Will I ever leave it in place? One day perhaps if he doesn't behave.

Don't forget to carry a few bands in your purse and slip one to him if you find him flirting. Subtle, yes?

Have fun but play safe.

Lady Joy


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